Traditional Malay Home Stay and Dining Experience At Kampung Pasir Mas, Desaru

You see lately the weather like getting nuts. Some people who travel down to Johor Desaru Beach which leave them kinda disappointed when the weather is dangerous to play at beach. Though no rain, the wind are kinda dangerous.

How about for a change, go and do a village stay and live like one for once in your life. I did that before when I was a kid with my grandparents. We woke up wee early in the morning around 4am to go rubber tapping. With the creative mindset and caring for the heritage preservation, Pulai Desaru Beach Resort can arrange for you.

Transport and a activity crew will ferry you all to the location via hotel’s own fleet of cars and vans. They are experienced enough to handle the crowd up to a max of 50 guests from oversea in these village houses. Food wise, will be arrange by the crew with the villagers to prepare them ahead before the guests arrive. When you are there, you will get to experience hands on how do the villagers start their day like going for rubber tapping, collecting fruits, feed the chickens and cows.

Clock wise from top left : Crispy dried salted fish, stir fried cabbage and beans, fried chicken wings and cucur kodok (fried banana fritters).

Eat sitting on the floor. No fork no spoon. The old school way by hand! Yummy! The right photo were the cencaru fish cook lemak cili api style. This is so addictive which I clear 2 plates of rice for it.

Fiery hot sambal belacan!

The whole lunch is just like that. Simple, healthy yet satisfying.

After the satisfy meal, you can choose to walk around under all those trees and loosen up. Air are clean and pollution free. The surrounding are pretty chill in the morning and even in the evening, it is not as hot as in town area.

Taufulou planking on the hut after the meal.

The crew of the hotel and villagers taking photo together with us.

For more details and arrangement checkout this post which I previously posted. The contacts and details are there.


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