The Launching Of Starbucks Card In Malaysia

Yesterday, I receive a green card. Hooray! Do this means I can migrate to USA? Hmmmm …. too early to dream I guess. Open up the envelope and it was the new Starbucks Card.

Starbucks Card is a stored value cum loyalty card that provides Starbucks aficionados with amazing rewards and other benefits such as enhanced speed of transaction, greater convenience, a gifting option, brand association and the alternative to check balance online!

The coffee giant has also taken a holistic view and approach by providing and implementing loyalty programs that will continuously reward its customers with remarkable returns such as:

• Enjoy a free Grande size beverage when you’ve purchased any 10 handcrafted beverages of any size.
• Get a free Grande size beverage every time you purchase a Starbucks tumbler (applicable for any tumbler of any size!)
• Get a free Grande size beverage when you purchase a whole cake
• Receive a free packet of 250g whole bean coffee or VIA® Ready Brew (12-pack) when you’ve purchased any 8 packets.

With a minimum load amount of RM 20 on a single card, you can start enjoying these from your very first use!

The registration process were pretty easy and straight forward. Just follow the screen instructions and nothing can go wrong.

You will also enjoy a birthday reward from Starbucks® on your birthday month as a registered customer. More importantly, the registration of card helps to protect your card balance. This handy-dandy card comes in three (3) unique designs.

During this time, customers will be rewarded with an exclusive card caddy with every load/ reload amount of RM 100 on a card. There are three (3) different colors of card caddy to choose from. Also with the New Year approaching, customers will get an exclusive Starbucks 2012 Planner with purchase of 15 handcrafted beverages of any size!

“With the introduction of Starbucks Card, customers are now able to enjoy the process of purchasing their favorite food and beverages with just a simple swipe even if they do not have any cash in hand with them.

As long as the card is pre-loaded, customers can enjoy Starbucks items anytime and anywhere. What’s more? With this card, customers will be rewarded with all sorts of benefits from us. This card is all about conveniences and with that, we are delighted to introduce it to the Malaysia market and will continue to strike for a better service to our customers as always.” said Sydney Quays, Managing Director of Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company.

Starbucks Card is now available at all Starbucks stores nationwide. With this all new Starbucks Card, you can now turn your visits into rewards in Starbucks!

If you are the type of person who can’t start the day without your Starbucks Coffee fix, you should checkout their latest VIA Ready Brew Instant Coffee Mix.

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1 thought on “The Launching Of Starbucks Card In Malaysia

  1. SneakyLily

    I’ve been collecting these cards here in Australia for a few years. They release limited designs of local attractions (Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Flinders St) as well as Xmas editions. I hope they do the same in Malaysia, imagine one of the Twin Towers 😀
    I love coffee places that have loyalty programs, it’s about time!


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