Out Of Ordinary At Hailam Kopitiam Bangsar

Franchised kopitiam booming in Klang Valley like mushrooms following the trend 3 years back. This is started by Old Town White Coffee, Paparich and later on Hailam Kopitiam which is currently the 3rd largest brand for kopitiams. Each outlet is private owned and manage seperately. Almost 50% of the foods and beverages mix were from the central kitchen. However there are certain things which the ingredients are locally sourced by the owner.

My recent visit is to Hailam Kopitiam Bangsar which located right opposite the Bangsar Shopping Village.

Cozy and comfortable environment. Equipped with aircond and a fast unifi high speed internet access is just perfect for business discussions.

The most important thing here must be the drink first. The coffee and tea here were as good as the one I had back in Penang. Penang people are known to be fussy about their cup of Kopi O and tea. The coffee that drip out must be thick enough to an extend it just come down half way and stay there. That is what we call KOW! and nice.

Besides the hot drinks, a good range of cold coffee and tea plus the Yin Yeong Cham Peng is not to be missed. I find that the coffee beans used at Hailam is easily few times better than any other mamak stall out there. At least there are some aroma and taste. Not just the color look like coffee but it is so diluted. They serve some flavored coffees too like hazelnut white coffee, hailam milk tea and the infamous Milo Dinosaur.

Ice Milk Tea

Ice Coffee

For those who have issue sleeping after drinking coffee or tea at night can go for their wide range of fresh juices.

Passion Fruit & Dragon Fruit Shake (RM7.50)
The next thing which I usually go for when visiting a kopitiam is their kaya butter toast sets. Maybe I grow up with this in Penang where we can get good toast and coffee everywhere.

Toasted Sliced Bread with Butter & Kaya (RM2.50) – RECOMMENDED

There’s a reason I put the recommended word there. The bread and kaya used here is actually from Imbi market Ah Weng Kor famous shop. He passed the recipe to the owner of this restaurant. The toast are so crispy and the kaya were excellent.

Just see how thin it is.

Tuna Egg Sandwich (RM5.20)

Healthy for daily consumption. I need this a lot! Cheaper than Subway some more …. My Subway meal cheapest also RM6.30 for the breakfast.

Chicken Deluxe Sandwich (RM7.20)

Pretty reasonable fillings inside.

Hailam Tomyam Fried Rice (RM8.80)

This easily beats a lot Tai Chow or small scale restaurants Tom Yam Fried rice. At least they put enough tomyam paste to fry it. I can taste the Tomyam flavor coating in every grain of rice. Some other place you can taste the soya sauce more. There are prawns, onions, chicken and fresh tomatoes in the fried rice.

Fried Kuey Teow

A pretty decent plate of fried koey teow prepared by the kitchen. All the ingredients were fresh and the chef were skillful enough to fry this with plenty of Wok Hei. Anything fried with good or strong fire can’t go wrong. Seasonings are well balanced and cockles were added. If got pork lard, I will order a plate just for myself without sharing. Too bad this place is HALAL and they can’t put the golden lard in.

Nasi Lemak Special with Rendang Ayam (RM9.60)

This is the staple of every kopitiam currently. If your nasi lemak is good, you will definitely have a group of regulars that will always come back for it. I saw most of the customers table at least have a plate of this and we also get a plate to try. The rendang chicken is awesome and sambal ikan bilis are great. Plenty of ingredients were put in to cook the sambal.

Mix Fried Mee (a.k.a. Cantonese RM7.80) – RECOMMENDED MUST ORDER!

Paging all the Penang Kia! I finally found it !!! This place serve our home town’s Char Hor Fun! The taste is 80% close. Just that the hor fun is slightly smaller in size. Unlike our big piece flat TUA PAN noodle.

Hailam Mee RM8.50

I give a thumbs up for this plate of hailam mee. The chicken stock is used to fry it which the chef no need to put seasonings with it.

Curry Noodle

Sinful bowl of curry noodle.

Hailam Chicken Chop with Original Sauce (RM14.20)

Chef’s own recipe of lightly battered chicken with a special Hainanese sauce. The sauce were having a tomatoes base with plenty of vegetable mix.

The sauce were so addictive that we are for a second bowl for dipping. Yum yum!


Hailam Kopitiam Bangsar (opposite Bangsar Village) – HALAL
25 & 25A Lorong Ara Kiri 1
Lucky Garden Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact No.: +603-2201 2307 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +603-2201 2307 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Website: www.hailam-kopitiam.com / Facebook Page
Opening Hours: Sun – Wed (7:30 am – 12:00 am), Thu – Sat (7:30 am – 1:00 am)



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