Mansion Tea Stall Roti Canai Special (Formerly Al-Amnah Restoran), Masjid India

This morning I woke up feeling pretty hungry and a few famous breakfast foods run into my mind. I finally made up my mind to look for roti canai for my breakfast. I first saw this place from the nomination of Time Out KL 2011. It was recommended by Babe in the City KL. It is known as roti canai special by the regulars there. I ask them what is this roti special? The waiter there explained it was a roti banjir with 2 half boil eggs on top.

Roti Canai Special 2 pcs – RM3.60

When you place the order, you should tell the people there you want it hot and crispy. Or else they will take some cold ones for you which I find pretty hard on the roti. The half boiled eggs are basically tasteless and is up to you to put in pepper and light soya sauce. If you don’t add the pepper and light soya sauce, it will make your curry taste even more flat.

Another attraction from this place is their teh tarik which I find is the best in KL City. It is prepared in mass and then constantly boiled. When customer order, they will take a small mug and then “tarik” it for you to cool it.

From the tea, I can taste mixture of condensed with evaporated milk which resulting in a creamier glass of milk tea. Unlike others which put lots of condensed milk which we taste the milk more than the tea, here is pretty balance.

The place is use to be known as Al-Amnah Restoran. Rebranded as Mansion Tea Stall and repaint to Green color from Yellow makes the place look more clean.

It is pretty tricky to look for this place around the Masjid India area. It is located adjacent to the river and right next to the motorist/pedestrian bridge.

Al Amnah Restaurant
No. 2 Ground Floor
Selangor Mansion
Jalan Masjid India
Kuala Lumpur
Coordinates: 3°9’7″N 101°41’50″E

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