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Flavours Of Chile, A Taste Of Chilean Fine Cuisine

Last week, I was invited to attend a dinner hosted by the Chilean Export Promotion Bureau (ProChilie) and the Embassy Of Chile.

I don’t know much about Chile before this and things that I know about them is the famous historical site “The Easter Island”.

*Image from Wikipedia.

Do this look familiar to you?

Another thing that I come across from Chile would be the Vina Carmen Chilean Wine. Being the 8 biggest exporter of wines exporter, I am surprise that they can reach Malaysia all the way from South America.

The event was hosted at The Westin Kuala Lumpur to promote high quality food and beverage products from Chile.

It was a formal dinner where attended by a lot VIP from the embassies in KL and also attended by local royal family members.

Dinner of the night were prepare by Chilean own celebrity Chef Carlo Von Mühlenbrock. We’ll talk about him a bit more later.

The dinner started off with a set of oven baked Tortilla Bread with Chilean Tomato Dip.

At a glance, it looks like normal fried tofu piece paired with sambal belacan. Just joking there. It was actually fresh oven baked Tortilla Bread. That sambal belacan look tomato deep were look such a way due to the spices add in. The taste almost close to salsa dip but with more spices.

Together with the Tortilla bread, we were served Quinoa Timbale with Avocado and Chilean King Crab paired with a Sauvignon Blanc.

Quinoa Timbale with Avocado and Chilean King Crab

I love the crunchy chewy quinoa, flavoured with a fresh tangy vinaigrette and the king crab is the most juiciest one I had so far in all food reviews. Air flown stuff!

A glass of Chardonnay from the reserve collection of Morande Chilean Winery just nice with the king crab.

Every single dish are brief thru the big screen next to the stage. At least we know what we are putting into our mouth.

From the professionally crafted videoclips, I learned about Pablo Neruda. A famous Chilean poet and Noble Prize Winner. For his soup, Chef Carlo got his inspiration from Pablo Neruda’s “Ode to Conger Chowder“.

Thus, Pablo Neruda’s Conger Eel Chowder was served… in a way unique to this traditional fine Chilean soup…

First of all, a bowl of chunky vegetables, shrimp and that revered conger eel (known as “grape of the sea” by Pablo Neruda) was placed before each guest. I would expect a bowl of soup which is kinda norm in every fine dining cuisines. But somehow we were served just a bowl of ingredients minus the soup. Not long after that a soup kettle appeared just above my bowl the hot broth was poured over the chunks of seafood and vegetables. Then the waiter squirt the cream out from that long thin test-tube placed in the bowl.

And only when all the cream has been squirted were we invited to taste the soup.

It was divine. Though the cream was unnecessary to be added, the soup base is enough to mesmerize you. Just my personal taste info, I find that it was close to the taste of Thai Tom Yam minus the lemon grass, sour and spiciness at first. But when I clear the whole bowl, nope ….. this bowl of soup is on a different league.

Pinot Noir-Vina Cono Sur served for pairing with the next dish.

Smoked Salmon and Mussels with Coriander with spiced Barley for the main course. The skin of the salmon were crispy and the crackling sensation of biting it are unforgettable. Many of my fellow bloggers knows that I am not a big fan for mussels for its chewiness. This one it was so soft and full of flavors.

Southern Chile Berries Sorbet with Fresh Fruits

Paired with ……. A Montes Late Harvest Sweet Wine

The dessert was a simple refreshing sorbet, made from pureed Chilean berries. Feels like having a plate of Premium Haagen Daz Sorbet. Yum yum!

All the gorgeous foods were prepared under the supervision and guidance of the celebrity Chef Carlo Von Mühlenbrock

A celebrity chef, a famous TV host chef, author of cookbooks, daily publications and magazines, a gourmet communicator, Chef Carlo is also the Face of promotional retail campaigns and Chef Manager of Chile representing the country abroad. Owner of the famous avant-garde “Osadia Restaurant” in Santiago, an extensive list of distinguished culinary awards and 20 years of cooking experience, Chef Carlo comes well-qualified.

Yours truly and the chef

The night won’t be complete without the fun of catching up with fellow bloggers like Cheng Yi, Umei, the lovely couple Chris and Christine, Chris Wan, KY and Haze.

More information on ProChile can be found here.

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