Selangorlicious Foodster Trip to Ampang Hulu Langat Vegetable Fish Farm Thai Restaurant

Recently I did mention that I venture in Eco Tour for trips. How about we venture into eco dining also? Introducing the Ampang Hulu Langat Vegetable Fish Farm Thai Restaurant located near the Ampang Lookout point where from there is about 7 minutes away by driving.

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Those who have a car that is lowered suspension not recommended to go down to the restaurant with full car load. Checkout the steep level of the place.

In the photo, that’s a BMW 5 Series climbing up from the restaurant towards the main road. After passing that turn, it is much steeper. Any car with original suspension will not have any problem coming down.

This restaurant is built on a private owned piece of land where they have their own vege farm, own fish pond to rare fishes, a mini Thai food center and also mini mart where you can get authentic Thai snacks.

The vegetable farm

The Thai mini snack and dessert mart

Things sold here

Authentic Thai desserts prepared fresh daily or upon ordered and all of them were hygienically packed

You can buy the vegetables where they plant them self in the farm you saw above

The natural lake which use to rare fish and escargot. The hut were built at the side of the lake for dining purpose.

Fresh escargot

Human friendly fish that come near when fish food is thrown in. You can feed the fish with a few bucks.

As you walk in to the restaurant area, you can see some BBQ lamb and seafood.

Very tasty lamb bbq with a slow charcoal fire

BBQ Seafood with banana leaf wrapped

By looking and smell them already enough to make you drool.

Let’s start digging in to the food chapter.

Seafood Tom Yam Soup for RM18

This is the clear soup type which have a tangy taste with a strong galengal flavor. I expect this to be more spicy just the way I like it from Thai authentic version. Some how this one is tuned down a bit to suit the local taste. You can request for the original level if you can take the heat.

Kerabu Chicken Feet – RM12

Mango Kerabu – RM10

Coconut flower

This is something which you don’t see everyday. Only Thai chef know how to prepare this.

Kangkung with Tao Chew – RM8

Udang Goreng Cili Bawang Putih, Fried Spinach – RM8

This resembles Japanese tempura.  Just that it come in a bigger bunch. Taste wise quite close.

Fried Chicken with Kaffir Lime Leaf – RM15 (Small) , RM 20  (Large)

Sotong Masak Pedas with Coconut Milk – RM12 / RM22 for big portion

Battered calamari deep fried with curry powder dressing. There are coconut milk used when preparing this dish. You can choose to mix them together to have the exquisite taste where you either like it or not.

Grilled Lamb – RM18 /  RM24 BIG

I am not a big fan for lamb but this one gets my thumbs up! They are well marinated until the lamb smell were cut to a bearable level. Though it looked charred, the meat still tender and juicy within.

To spice up your dish, you can try their fiery hot sambal mix. This is not for the faint hearted. Smoking!!

Salt Wrap Fish

Whole fish were coated with salt and then bbq till it cooked. Before eating the fish, the skin have to be peeled and you just take the meat below the skin.

Silky smooth texture and you can taste the freshness of the fish

Udang Goreng Cili Bawang Putih – RM15

For me anything fried or cooked with garlic are good for me. I just simply love the garlic’s fragrance.

Lime juice Steamed Fish RM3 / 100 gram

This is another great dish to be paired with rice. The tangy line juice with plenty of birds eye chili really spice up your appetite by just eating the white rice with the gravy.

Curry Power Crab RM5.50 / 100 gram a dish not to be missed from any Thai Restaurant.

Lips smacking crabs that tempt you to order for more

This is the dessert platter that impress me the most out of all Thai Restaurants in Klang Valley. No one can rival them in prepare authentic Thai desserts. Most of them were prepared upon order and if possible, they prefer to use all Thai authentic ingredients. This will maintain the original taste of the dessert without being spoiled on its taste due to using localized ingredients.


Please booked for your table to avoid disappointments, the restaurant is usually packed during dinner and weekends. Thanks Selangorlicious for the invite!



Vegetable Fish Farm Thai Restaurant


Address and Contact:


KM4, Jalan Ampang – Hulu Langat,


68000 Ampang,




019 260 6493 (Eugene), 012 286 8193 (William)

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