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MIGF 2011 – Lai Po Heen Mandarin Oriental KL with Chef Ricky Thein

Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, need not to be introduced much further here. This is the nearest hotel which literally attached to World Tallest Twin Tower, The Petronas Tower. Mandarin Oriental (MO) is participating for the MIGF events for the consecutive 11’th year. This year there are 2 new chefs taking over the helm to bring something new to the event.

Chef Ricky Thein, the executive Chinese Chef of Lai Po Heen

leads the Chinese Restaurant for MO in MIGF 2011.

Ricky was a veteran in MIGF which he represented a couple of renowned hotel in the past. His skills in crafting Chinese Cantonese Cuisine with a little Western Touch combines the taste of Chinese foods and the look of a fine dining in the Westerns. He won several awards in MIGF 2007 and 2009 for creating The Most Outstanding Festival Cuisine, The Most Innovative Cuisine, The Best Malaysia Truly Asia Cuisine Menu and The Most Creative Festival Menu.

Depicting the wealthy homes of respected tycoons from the turn-of-the century of Malaya, complete with antique furniture from Melaka, the award winning Lai Po Heen’s architecture is a reminiscent of old Shanghai.

The main attraction of the restaurant, the open kitchen, is where all the actions are. Diners will get to see how the food are prepared and the chef skills in cooking up a show and good food.

Open Kitchen Concept with all the busy chefs in action.

We’ve seen enough of the back stage stories of Lai Po Heen Chinese Restaurant at MO KL. Let’s see what’s Chef Ricky bring to the table for MIGF 2011. We are presented with the Lai Po Heen Festival Dinner Menu.

The Appetizer

Chilled vinaigrette scented cucumber roll, roasted duck yam puff with braised whole baby abalone

This dish looks too lovely to be devoured. Just look at that creation! So creative. Do you believe this is a Chinese cuisine? However the combination were refreshing and brings out the appetite for the next dish.

The whole baby abalone definitely eye catching for a dinner presentation on a Chinese dining table. Abalone is pretty tasteless on its own but if braised and cooked by an experience chef like Ricky, it turns into a marvelous piece of seafood delicacies. The abalone were cooked for a long time to get the tender and soft juicy texture.


The soup is presented in the whole pumpkin fruit

Cantonese Style Braised Sea Treasure, Golden Melon in Supreme Broth

I thought the soup going to be very thick but to my surprise is not. The sharks fin still in piece and boiled in a complete pumpkin together with lots of surprised.


Dong Po Style BBQ Scented Lamb Rib With Chinese Pear, Wok-Fried Hong Kong Baby ‘Siew Pak Choy’

The lamb rack taste so good especially the first bite. The caramelized BBQ sauce makes it taste like char siew but the second bite which gives you the tender and juicy texture tell you that it is a great grilled lamb.

Crispy Egg Noodles, Blue River Prawn, Prawn Roe and Egg Gravy

The prawn were fresh and full of roe when you bite on the prawn head. Not to mention the awesome crispy noodle that blend in well with the gravy and whole combination.


Trio of Sweet Potato

Bottom Right : Purple sweet dumpling with vanilla sauce mix with fruit cubes
Top Left : Sweetened Jelly With Osmanthus
Top Right : Chilled with Sage in lemon Syrup

RM228++ per person without wine

           Lai Po Heen

Mandarin Oriental
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 (3) 2179 8885

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