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Published on August 26th, 2011 | by email2me


Jaya 33 Merdeka Food Crawl Part 5 – Vietnam Kitchen Jaya 33

After the satisfying meals over at d’Italiane, the food crawl continue with the Vietnamese Kitchen just few doors away Palmen plastik 2 free.

Very colonial feel ambiance with a mix of modern interior design element in the restaurant

When I sit down, I thought people were reading about the Vietnam Kitchen in house newspaper bei spotify lieder herunterladen. Actually they were browsing thru the menu and the menu were design in such similar like a newspaper.

For a start we were greeted with artichoke tea which is one of the traditional tea served

Vietnam Seafood Salad @ RM12.90 Authentic crispy prawn cracker, a bit salty and just nice to eat along with the seafood salad

Braised Pork in coconut Juice @ RM 19.90 sport im osten app herunterladen. Perfectly braised and soft on the fats, meat that makes me like the smooth texture of it. My impression when you use coconut juice to cook pork, it should carry a slight tangy taste pokemon go kostenlos für android herunterladen. But here it proves me wrong. The taste were exactly like soya sauce pork.

Lemongrass fish fillet @ RM20

Vietnamese Kitchen @ Jaya 33 – facing main road


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