Jaya 33 Food Crawl Part 4 – d’Italiane Kitchen Jaya 33

Some of you may think the Merdeka German Dish were too meaty, you can opt for Italian Food by d’Italiane Kitchen. For this special occasion, the chef came out with 5 special dish which I find very healthy without losing the taste. Where to find ???? Good food and take care your health in mind by the restaurant.

A classy setup restaurant without affecting the price. Still kept at affordable level.

Customer comfort is the priority here as you can see all the chairs were very comfy

The dishes that specially prepared for the Merdeka Food Crawl is as below :

Butternut Shrimp Soup – RM18.90 on a la carte

Butternut pumpkin, shrimp and pears in cream cook with seafood broth dush with a cinnamon and nutmeg. After taking the first sip, we can taste the richness of the soup and smooth texture where the soup is cooked carefully without any imperfection. We thought the soup were cooked with lobster at first but it was actually fresh big shrimp.

Puttanesca Pizzinis – RM20.90 on a la carte

A mini oregano pizza dough topped with tomato, capsicum, black olive, capers artichoke, ricotta and Parmesan cheese. Though it doesn’t come with the standard tomato paste, it still taste good with the combination of the ingredients put together.

Pemento Lamb Cutlet – RM62.90

4 pieces of Premium New Zealand lamb rack marinated, char grilled to perfection and topped with pimento sauce served with roasted mediterenian vegetables. The reddish pimento sauce may look like our chicken rice chili color but it doesn’t taste taste like it. This is a special sauce replacing the standard boring mint sauce for the grilled lamb racks.

Broiled Sesame Cod Fish – RM78.90

A thick piece of white cod fillet marinated in butter, lemon tarragon, sesame mixture and broiled on slow fire without drying up the juice within. The fillet then serve with rosemary roasted russet potato and seasonal vegetables make it my most favorite dish through out the whole food crawl as I clear the whole plate myself.

We end the dinner with a great dessert prepared fresh upon order.

Steamed Pudding with Caramelized Orange – RM18.90 on a la carte

Vanilla, Egg, Lemon Zest steamed pudding topped with caramelized orange served with vanilla gelato ice cream. It carries the similar concept of lava cake just that this one is less sugar and healthier. The ice cream are home made and sweetness level are just right.

Here’s the deal for merdeka for above in sets form.

The fish sets which consists of Cod Fish + The Soup + Pizza + The Dessert = RM111.90

The lamb set goes for Lamb Cutlet + The Soup + Pizza + The Dessert = RM93.90




d’Italiane Kitchen @ Jaya 33

33 Jalan Semangat
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor