Surisit Thai Kopitiam at Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Sawadeekap! Khun Sabaai Dee Mai? (mean Hello! How Are You? In Thai), Chan Yaak Thaan AA Haan Thai (I would like to have some Thai Food)

I am a big big fans of southern Thai foods as it is pretty much close to the flavor of what we have in Penang. Most of the foods were salty, spicy, sour and strong taste. Aroi Maak! Very Delicious! I like …..

Latest addition to Thai Food in Klang Valley would be none other than Surisit Thai Kopitiam. The name of the place were taken from the names of the 3 Thai owners. (Surik, Rivon and Sita). Located on the same row with Little Penang TTDI (Behind Maybank), house this kopitiam which look rather simple in their decors.

Very traditional kopitiam feel with cement flooring and wooden chairs

Most of the drinks, ingredients were bought from the nearest Thai Food source located at Pandan Indah Thai Mart. So most of the stuffs sold here pretty authentic.

Every table come with the standard condiments which available on Thai’s dining table which consist of chili powder, bird eye chili on light soya sauce, sugar and pickled chili

Imported bottled drinks

Despite the photo shows the size pretty big, it was actually a mini 250ML bottle.

Fanta strawberry flavor is my personal favorite since young.

Clear Tom Yam Soup with braised pork hocks (Tom yam ka moo)

When you walk in to a Thai restaurant, the MUST order dish would normally be the Seafood Tom Yam. But when you dine in Surisit, it is different story. They serve lots of pork dishes. Yummy! My favorite!

A reasonable amount of porks in the pot

And abalone mushrooms.

The soup base were mild in spiciness but extremely sour for my liking. I usually like to fire it up with smashed bird eye chillies.

Thod Man Kung – Fried Prawn Cake

Deep fried mash prawns and come with Thai special dipping which consist of chilli, onions and some sauces

Crispy fried pork with shrimp paste with deep fried lime leaves & chilies sauce (mum thod gapi)

This is a must order I would say. I have eaten here 3 times with 3 different groups. All were giving a thumbs up for this one.

Kerabu pucuk paku with prawns (pucuk paku yam pla)

A cold dish to start the meal where it mixed with prawns, fish sauce and onions with a dice of garlics.

Cha Om

Thai Style fried omelette. You don’t see this much served in Thai restaurants as most of them serve the onion type. This one were added pucuk paku in it.

Sour orange curry fish with vegetables (Kheng Som Pla)

Home made Tomyam like minus the sour soak a deep fried baramundi fish make it something special. Most of the time, people don’t drench their crispy fried fish into the soup or gravy. This is exceptionally good.

Crispy thai style garlic fried fish (pls thod nam pla)

If you like your fish deep fried and crispy, then this is a MUST order for you. The fish were deep fried till golden brown and then laden with simple mixture of lime juice, birds eye chilli and loads of garlics.

Authentic Belacan Fried Rice with sweet pork. (kao klut gapi)

The right way to eat this plate of goodie is by mixing everything together. It may taste bland when you eat it just like that. Try mix is up and you sure love the taste of messed up.

For the finale, not to be miss the Thai famous desserts.

Glutinous Rice with Fresh Mango and sesame seeds

Red Ruby Water Chest nut with jack fruit slice on fresh coconut milk (Tub Thim Krob)

The experience of dining at Surisit give me the reminiscne when I was working in Haadyai, Thailand back in the 90s. The food served here were authentic with the ability to cook anything you can name from the Thai streets. You can even book a table and tell them what you want to eat in advance and the chef will get it done.

Surisit Thai Kopitiam
No.17 Grd Floor, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel/Fax: +603-7710 0173
Opening Hours: Daily (8:00 am – 10:30 pm)
Facebook page:
GPS Coordinates: 3.154487,101.622418

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10 thoughts on “Surisit Thai Kopitiam at Taman Tun Dr Ismail

  1. J2Kfm

    Oh in this case I have dined at the Pandan Indah’s stall before! At the mart there was this restaurant serving CRAZY spicy tom yum. Really so hot till we were crying/sweating/swearing?

  2. J2Kfm

    Oh in this case I have dined at the Pandan Indah’s stall before! At the mart there was this restaurant serving CRAZY spicy tom yum. Really so hot till we were crying/sweating/swearing?


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