Royale Vietnam Fine Dining Restaurant at Starhill Gallery

Last week I was introducing about the new Thai Kopitiam in town Surisit at TTDI, how do you think? This week I am going to bring you to another level of dining for Vietnamese food. Most of the Vietnamese food served in the local restaurants were mainly Pho (Vietnamese Rice Vermicelli with beef briskets or beef balls).

At Royal Vietnam, they are still serving the same dish but using only the finest and premium ingredients.

Located, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, they open the restaurant with the intention to serve you exquisite meals fit even for royalty! Feasting on authentic Vietnamese dishes is truly an adventure on its own.

Featuring a latest interior mix with some traditional elements make the restaurant look so elegant yet maintaining traditional elements like all the waiter and waitress dress in traditional palace outfit.

The main entrance to the restaurant

Waiting area when there’s a long queue to go in the restaurant.

The main dining hall

The inner part of the restaurant where you can see the chefs in action under an open kitchen concept.

The Vietnamese dishes here were prepared by Top Chefs flown in from Vietnam  that no only good in taste but also good in the good food artistic presentation. Using the freshest and best ingredients needed in all their dishes, dining at Royale Vietnam will traverse you right into the heart of Vietnam.

A Dragon made out of Carrots for a decoration for salads.

Checkout the video below for the whole dish.

A peacock shaped rolls

The chef’s Mother who use to cook for royalties of Vietnam’s also a photography enthusiasts like me.

Chicken Loaf where the whole chicken were deboned, minced, mix with water chestnut cube and assemble back the whole chicken.

The taste were like our crab rolls but more flavorful.

Prawn rolls

Pomelo Salad

Turtle shaped fried rice

Quail Eggs Bird Nest

Battered and deep fried quail eggs

Steamed Garoupa Fish Vietnamese Style with Superior Soya Sauce

Reaching a balance between fresh herbs and meat, Vietnamese cuisine is well-known as one of the healthiest cuisine of the world. Contrary I thought the Vietnamese food is healthy and rather taste bland. But here at Royale Vietnam is far better than being bland! Preserving the freshness and natural taste of the ingredients together with unique spices and diverse cooking styles, it change my perception towards Vietnamese Foods.

To bring the epitome of royalty dining, top chefs were brought in every 2 months to entice you with more rich and complex dishes. The chef will showcase a range of traditional as well as court culinary art that reflect the influence of ancient royal Vietnamese cuisines. Seize this exclusive opportunities for a regal feast – only for a limited time!

With all the awesome foods, a cup of Vietnamese Coffee to end the meal. Strong, sweet and flavorful!

Royale Vietnam Restaurant is located at :

LG7 Feast Floor Starhill Gallery, 181 Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL.
03 2148 6151