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同裕酒家 – Authentic Organic Village Cuisines at Guangzhou, China

According to Chef Hugo Leong, this fish cost on par with our local empurau fish which can cost up to RM1,200.00 a KG provided that fish is catch from the river.

You can choose which fish you want and they will cook it for you. All the fishes were very muscular and you can taste eventhough is breed in the farm, they create a water flow where it keep the fishes constantly moving according to the boss.

Other fishes were available too but I am not able to translate the fish name into English.

Mak Kai Lei Fish

That fish ended on my plate which prepared pretty simple

Steam cat fish

Salted fish with waxed meat where we brought from Chef Hugo Leong’s factory. This dish were mostly cooked by my mom during our CNY time where waxed meat easily available. Now to see this dish is kinda rare unless you are able to buy a nice quality waxed meat.

Minced Garlic Steam Pork – Easy to prepare and tasty! I can cook this too! With just added a little black salted beans and steam the pork ribs.

Then I saw someone pass me this plate. OMG! It was a whole piece of fish egg!

The texture is like biting the egg yolks of salted eggs with plenty of ebiko inside.

Besides we had plenty of fishes for the dinner, we were served a village chicken which simply poached and eat with garlic and ginger mix. The chicken is much bigger size compared to our Malaysian version which mostly used in cooking Curry chicken. I would expect the meat to be rough but I am wrong! It was tender and juicy.

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  1. Nice fish dish plus the rest of the veges served.

  2. mimid3vils says:

    his tummy really huge >.<

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