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同裕酒家 – Authentic Organic Village Cuisines at Guangzhou, China

I feel kinda guilty to continue posting this after a long break. Well the journey continues. After having the Ginseng fed pigeons feast for lunch, we were then brought to feast on the traditional village organic cuisines where all the vege were self grown at the back yard and fishes were from their own farm. The place is known as 同裕酒家 in Chinese.

Located is the province of ZhaoQing 110 km northwest of Guangzhou, in the west Pearl River Delta. It lies on the north shores of the Xijiang River, which is flows from west to east, and opposite of Gaoyao. A plain area lies to the south and west of Zhaoqing, with mountains to the east and north.

With the average temp of 10C during the December month it is a perfect time to visit ZhaoQing which famous for their Zongzi (Bak Chang) and other own cultivated foods.

Nasi lemak shaped bak chang. It taste and having the same ingredients with our Cantonese Bak Chang back in Malaysia. Guangzhou is under Canton province and obviously it does taste like Cantonese style.

Very old school layout. Still maintaining the traditional village feel.

The main dining hall where mostly were family sized.

Sun Dried Vegetable soup

The soup were boiled for a very long period of time with the ingredients like dates, pork and sun dried own cultivated vege. I don’t know how to call the vege but it does taste close to our “Kai Choi” which our mom for cooking the spicy and sour vege.

This is the sundried vege that use to boil the soup

Using the same soup base, there are “Mak Kai Yuan” Fish cooked in the soup

The fish look like this.

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  1. Nice fish dish plus the rest of the veges served.

  2. mimid3vils says:

    his tummy really huge >.<

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