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Learn About Coffee At Mbuji Cafe

The perfect espresso shots where it come with a foam on top

Pure coffee extract or widely known as Espresso.

You may find the way to taste the coffee disgusting or rude. But it was the most ideal way to flood your mouth and senses in it to really taste the characteristic of the coffee. Just take a sip in and then swirl it in your mouth for a minute. Then swallow it. If the coffee after taste stay in your mouth for a long time, that is what we called a full bodied coffee. Usually the single origin coffee that came from Africa would have the full bodied taste where those from South American or better known as Columbian were slightly milder.

You might not know it but there’s actually a way to drink and taste coffee. The way to enjoy coffee in its purest form is to drink a cup of espresso.

  • With the small cup in hand, inhale and capture the aroma of the coffee, then slurp the coffee in, making a loud slurping noise in the process. This slurping process actually enhances the taste and aroma of the coffee as you get the taste and smell of coffee at the same time.
  • Once the coffee is inside the mouth, spread it all over the tongue and the sides of the mouth, letting it linger for as long as possible while recognizing the components in the taste.
  • Identify the taste of the coffee, whether it has an instantaneous sharp flavour (the ‘oomph’ factor) or a consistent and mild one, or both.
  • Once the taste is identified, wait for a minute and find out if the taste still lingers on your palate after that. If it does, it has a full body effect, whereby there is a consistent flavour from the beginning (the smell), the middle (the taste) until the end (the after taste).
  • To investigate it further, you can add milk into the espresso and find out if the milk can penetrate the coffee well. If it does, it enhances the taste of coffee, and if it doesn’t, it changes the taste of the coffee to become sour and unpleasant.

You may see most of the time coffee were made by using Coffee Espresso Machine to make your coffee. But there are traditional ways where you can prepare an equally cup of coffee which can rival all the latest high tech espresso machines.


Arabica beans (that grow on high grounds) and Robusta beans (that grow on low grounds). It is also easy to differentiate them because Arabica beans’ flat top have a sinuous groove (shaped like ‘S’), while Robusta beans are shaped like pear with a straight groove. It is also safe to say that Robusta beans are of slightly lower quality and are sold at a cheaper price compared to the former.

At Mbuji Coffee, the coffee adventure begins. If you’re interested in this Coffee Appreciation lesson too, there will be another session held on 4th of May 2011 at IOI Mall, Puchong. For more details, check out the event page here.

Mbuji Cafe
Lot No. FC Restaurant 1,
Carrefour Shopping Centre Subang Jaya,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel No.: +603-5611 6382 / 6383
Fax No.: +603-5638 3382
Opening Hours: 8am – 12am daily


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