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Published on June 7th, 2011 | by email2me


Learn About Coffee At Mbuji Cafe

Every morning most people will start it off with a cup of coffee. But do you know that a good cup of coffee includes a range of few single origin beans mixed together which called a blend?

Those that sold in Starbucks, Gloria Jeans and so on were already premixed ahead without telling you what beans goes in and drink as it is.

Rank #2 as the most traded items in the world after petroleum, coffee comes with a daily price fluctuation.

Coffee is very subjective to each individual. You either like it or don’t like it. Some may say they don’t drink coffee as they can’t sleep later. I agree with that statement. However I am immured to coffee. I will have trouble sleeping if I drink a can of Coke before going to sleep.

There’s a place where I recently invited to learn about coffee which located in Carrefour Hypermarket Subang Jaya.

The place is called Mbuji Cafe (Pronounced as Boo Ji)

The name come after a place located in Africa where there’s a nice hill portrait on the wall of this cafe.

The place were decorated in African Safari theme with all the cushion wrapped in Zebra/cheetah patterns.

The Coffee expert – My Gus Savvas explaining the types of coffee beans from around the world plus how coffee were created in history.

We were fortunate enough to meet a special coffee expert Mr Gus Savvas where he travel around the world to buy coffee and also determine the value of the beans.

Before we go into the heavy coffee testing, we were having some foods that served in Mbuji restaurant which I find pretty good for a cafe.

A plate of fresh turnips with sweet sauce and crushed peanuts

Wild Mushroom Soups with crutons

Fragrant Onion Soup

Fresh Tossed Caesar Salad

Buffalo Wings

Nachos with cheese ….. yummy! My all time favorite

Awesome quesadillas

Fresh baked bruchetas anyone?

After the light meals, we were heading for the coffee tasting session where we were served with fresh baked brownies and dates. These sweet desserts is used to neutralize the coffee after taste that stay in your mouth later.

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