Kafe Mojo’s Upstairs Bring Back Memory From Olden Days

Somewhere last year, in SS2 Petaling Jaya, there was a hype of a cave concept restaurant. Unfortunately that doesn’t last. Nice ambiance but food quality not up to the standard. To me I can tell you, to sustain a good restaurant in SS2 you need to have a consistent good food and a comfortable environment will do the job.

A new restaurant just opened 2 weeks back called Mojo’s is the new kids on the block. It is located at the same row of Mc Donalds SS2 and just above the 7 – 11.

Upon stepping up the stair case, you will get a very old school feel.

This is how it looks at a glance of the restaurant. Simple table setup with checkered table clothes which most restaurants rarely used. This kind of setup were very popular back in the 70s where the year of rock and roll rules. Besides the table setup you can see a range of antiques displayed here which were from my early childhood era.

Items on display were old brass charcoal irons, double boil jars, old radios, liquor jars, phones and TV.

There are even old brans of Fab detergents which are stored in big nicely decorated steel pale.

Old eerie clock

Now we move into the drinks are once popular from olden days.