Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Preparing Extravagant 8 For Standard Chartered

On the eve of the Chinese New Year 2011, everyone is rushing to go back their respective home town to join the family gathering for all the Chinese communities. For those who are from KL, obviously they will just stay at home to take this opportunity to reunite with their family members. On this very special holiday how about bring everyone together and dine at Celestial Court located in Sheraton Imperial?

Entrance to Celestial Court

Classy entrance

Newly renovated restaurant which give you a warm welcome everytime you step in to the restaurant

A specially sculptured Yee Sang with a rabbit shape. Looks like a painting don’t you agree?

The way to toss remains the same …… This is what brings family together and bring prosperity when you toss it higher

After the Yee Sang, the dinner got started with a heart warming bowl of Braised Shredded Chicken Soup with fish maw and Sea Moss

This is something new in the CNY menu which it doesn’t harm any sharks.

Simmered cod fish with Chinese Herb in superior broth

Thick and fresh cod fish fillet simmered in Chinese Herbal gravies which going beyond the normal way of steam with light soya sauce

Two varieties of vegetable braised with bamboo pith and black Chinese mushroom

Roasted crispy chicken with chili oil sauce. The chili paste were chef’s own recipe which having a local Malaysia touch of Sambal belacan