Shanghai Restaurant, JW Marriot Hotel Kuala Lumpur Ushers in the Year of the Rabbit

In ushering the upcoming Chinese New Year, the year of the rabbit, JW Mariott Kuala Lumpur’s Shanghai Restaurant have prepared a surprise in Shanghainese style.

Stir up good fortune and wealth this year with Shanghai Restaurant’s specially created Yee Sang which comprise of lobster, geo duck clam, abalone, tuna, scallop, salmon or jelly fish. Vegetarians were not forgotten too where there are a mock abalone version.

The menu came in RM698++ per table for 4, RM1582++ and RM2982++ for a table of 10. All these are available from Jan 15 till Feb 17 2011. Shanghai and Li Yen Restaurant were a few restaurants in KL Hotels that serve pork. Others were mostly pork free.

Salmon with Tuna Yee Sang

This version of Yee Sang come with a different sauce. The sauce taste close to like a peanut butter with added mustard. On top of the normal salmon, fresh tuna and scallops were added.

Xiu Long Bao – Shanghai Restaurant’s best seller

Premium ingredients paired with finest skills to prepare the best for customers.

Imperial double-boiled superior shark’s fin soup with ham and chicken

Deep fried bean curd skin stuffed with French goose liver

A yong tau fu like dish where premium ingredients were used to prepare the dish. Every bite were crunchy and flavorful with the foie gras stuffed inside and sealed within the bean curd skins so that it doesn’t flow out. All the juices remains inside.

Stir Fried eggplant with salted egg yolk

Braised Shanghainese pork with vegetable – A dish where chef’s craftsmanship were put to test at preparing this dish. The meat were sliced from a piece of belly meat and remain in 1 piece without breaking it. Beneath the pork were braised bamboo shoots.