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With my recent travelling schedule, I felt a little bit guilty on not able to update this blog that often. I just got back from my gourmet tour (round 2) with Hugo Leong which arranged by Tour2u Holidays. Later on, I made a journey back to Penang to relax myself from the hectic lifestyle in KL.

2010 was a wonderful year for me who stay and work at Kota Damansara area. I can see that the place booming into a center of F&B gathering place where old timer foods and new gourmet trying their luck. However there are ups and downs of these restaurants which some of them can’t make it. So to cut this post short, I will list down what food can we find in Kota Damansara which covers Dataran Sunway and The Strand.

Home Cook

Mum’s Seafood Noodle – Serving nice fish head noodle, seafood noodle, home cook dishes (Tai Chow). – CLOSED
What must order here : Loh Bak (Pork Roll), Fish Head / Seafood Noodle, Garoupa fish head curry, asam fish head curry, Stuffed Squid, Jiu Hu Char and Salted Egg Yolk coated mantis prawn

The Wok Cafe – Serving Penang hawker food and nyonya dishes – CLOSED
What must order here :  Asam prawn (Not the curry type), Hokkien Prawn Noodle, Asam Laksa, Loh Bak (Pork Roll), Otak Otak and their kick ass Gulai Tumis. Make sure you order the Sago nangka dessert too.

Rogers Delight – Home cook nyonya dishes
What must order here :  Pan fried prawn with assam, Curry fish head, Special Curry Duck with Yam, Lady finger with shrimp paste, Coconut curry prawn and salted egg crab

Steam King – Everything is cook via the steam method
What must order here : Steam 3 types of eggs, Dong bo meat and steam fish with pickled radish

Vichuda Tom Yam – One of the best Malay Tom Yam

Daorae – Korean BBQ Pork Restaurant

Arisu – One of the fine Korean BBQ Pork Restaurant – CLOSED

Bulgogi BBQ House – No frill and affordable Korean BBQ Restaurant at The Strand


Restoran Penang One – Hawker food from Penang Tar Pau and Sell in KL Daily.

Restoran Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee – Fiery Hot yet tasty chili pan mee which originate from KL Batu Road. The main rival of Kin Kin’s.
What must order here : A bowl of chili pan mee, Deep fried tofu with home made thai chili sauce, fried fish fillet and a bowl of Sui Kow dumpling soup

Village Fish Head Noodle – A restaurant open dedicated to sell fish head noodles
What must order here : Fresh Prawn & Sliced Abalone Mee Hoon, Fish head mee hoon, Sotong Ball Mee Hoon and Deep fried meat balls.

The Uma – My all time favorite Balinese Home Cook food.
What must order here : Nasi Ratus, Be Siap Memanggang – Grilled Chicken With Beans Rice, Lempet Be Tongkong [Grilled Tuna in banana leaf], Iga Base Kalas [Balinese Pork Rib Curry], Bebek Menggoreng [Balinese Style Deep Fried Crispy Duck]

Bangkok Wasabe – Thai Street Foods in a posh restaurant setup – CLOSED
What must order here : Thai Ice tea, stewed beef noodle, Stir fried chicken with hot basil leaves and chili and steamed seabass with lime juice and bird eye chili

Erawan Classic Thai & Fusion – Thai Street Foods in restaurant setup
What must order here : Mieng Kum, Tom Yam Fried Rice, Thai Beef Noodle and Thai Laksa

Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu – Branch from Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu – CLOSED

Fun Taipei – Taiwanese street food – CLOSED
What must order here : Bubble tea

Kayu Nasi Kandar – Famous for its nasi kandar and roti tisu

Big Brother Western Food – Hotel grade halal western food at an affordable price
What must order here : Chicken Au gratin, Big brother special home made burger and medium rare sirloin steak

Claypot Station Restaurant – Everything is cooked and served in claypot
What must order here :  Fa Tiu Chicken, Spicy and sour vege, ginger prawns and kung po frog

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa – Franchise from Kg Baru KL – CLOSED

Formosa Snack Corner – Taiwanese desserts stall in Giant Hypermarket Kota Damansara
What must order here : Egg custard and green tea custard

Tanjung Tualang Prawn House – Tanjung Tualang Prawn House is famous for its fresh water prawns dishes

Sari Ratu Nasi Padang – 5th Franchise of Sari Ratu Nasi Padang

Fuza Briyani Station – Nasi briyani restaurant

Anggrek Kuring Indonesian Food – Indonesian food at its best

Waroeng Mas Timoer – Sundanese Food

Chee Chah – A Malaysian Tapas

Pondok Cafe – A very homey type of Malay Foods

Restaurant Tasty Chicken Rice – 2007 Chicken Rice Champion
What must order here : Roast Chicken only and the rice. Poach chicken so so and the rest too.

Aunty Lan Home Made Noodles – All sorts of home made noodles at your service

Cafe Style Foods

Paparich – One of the few first outlet that open by Paparich. So far this place serves the best among the rest of the franchise.
What must order here :  Cham ice, Ipoh chicken koay teow soup, lychee cincau, roti naan with curry sauce.

Cravings Kitchen & Bistro – Renowned for their 12″ burger – CLOSED
What must order here :  House specialty 12″ burger, Kongguksu (Korean Noodle in Soya bean milk), Delhi Fried Rice and grilled steak with hot chili salsa.

Full House Cafe Giza – One of the pioneer in concept store which having a decoration ala fantasy house. Most of the foods served were fusion or western and plenty of fancy drinks to try on.
What must order here : spicy Vongole Spaghetti, Fresh Smoked Salmon Salad and Braised Lamb Shank

The One Cafe – The place where you dine, chill out and have fun – CLOSED
What must order here : Wasabi prawn fritters, pineapple fried rice, The Chosen One lamb chop, Singapore Katong Laksa and their signature The Sinful One dessert

Sekinchan Ikan Bakar – A place for grill fish – CLOSED

Hawker Center

Asia Cafe – Latest heats in town where they operate 24 hours with the range of variety Penang and local foods served. Located right in front of Tune Hotel where
What must order here :  Steam soups, Leong’s grill fish and seafoods, Fried hokkien mee and fried rice – CLOSED

D.U. Cafe – One of the first kopitiam open at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara
What must order here :  Ipoh chicken koay teow soup, popiah, asam laksa, loh bak and pork noodle

Medan Selera Tanjung Village – A big food court with an integrated indoor multi level parking which house 2 wings of food court. 1 side is Chinese and the other one is Malay. This place also houses the Police Station
What must order here : Bawal power, Fried Cat fish and Laksa Utara from the nasi campur stall, a cheap and nice sizzling steak with brown sauce (RM13.50)

Ho Chaz Cafe – Facing Starbucks and behind Kayu Nasi Kandar
What must order here : Authentic Penang Koay Chap and Kung Fu Pan Mee

Desserts Place

Snowflakes – Famous Taiwanese dessert franchise
What must order here : Best seller, soya ice series with taroballs and if can try add on peanuts which is very soft and tasty.

Lucky Dessert – Famous Authentic Hong Kong Lucky Dessert – CLOSED
What must order here : Mango and Durian Trinity, Mango roll, Paradise Herb Italian Jell-O, durian krisp and the black glutinous rice

Ice Room – Famous shaved ice from Lot 10 Hutong – CLOSED
What must order here : Durian, mango and black sesame ice

Bar and Kitchens

Movida – The best bar foods I ever taste
What must order here : Seared scallops, Country style roast chicken, clubber’s platter, Smoked Salmon Flambe, Beef Bacon Flambe with Mushroom, Onion & Cheese

Uncle Prawn – Fresh water prawn dishes

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11 thoughts on “Kota Damansara Good Food List 2013

  1. xin

    great and very useful list 🙂 i think i have been to quite a few in the list already 😀
    have yet to visit the ice room though

  2. Steven Goh

    Wat a great food list in Damansara. It is sure to be a guide for me when I am at Damansara, so far with all the listing above I had managed to try out is Paparich there 🙂

  3. vincent

    i did try super kitchen chili panmee is good for me and recommended one more panmee or wanton mee restorant near The Strand named as Soon Hsiang QQ noodles house(3rd branch),i love their curry chicken panmee, spicy pan mee,bitter gourdsPMee,ABC,and Ipoh white coffee.


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