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Published on January 20th, 2011 | by email2me


Calorie Hong Kong Food Restaurant Sri Petaling Launching New Famous Hong Kong Baked Rice

Early last week I was asked by the owner of Calorie Mr Paulson Loh to sample their latest addition to their menu, the HK baked rice. If you would like to know more about what is Calorie Restaurant all about, do checkout my previous post HERE Download lego building instructions for free. All the foods served here are cook with less artificial flavoring and MSGs.

To start off the dinner, we were presented with a few of their best selling appetizers which most customer order herunterladen.


Vegetable Salad – RM4.90

Fresh garden salad lightly tossed on mayonnaise


Vegetable Roll – RM3.50

Sliced coleslaw vege wrapped on popiah skin


Hong Kong Curry Fish Ball – RM3.50 – RECOMMENDED

This is the dish where we ordered for 2 rounds downloaden top 2000. The fish ball are deep fried and then soaked with home made chicken curry gravy. I can say this taste better than the one in Hong Kong as those in HK you can only taste the curry powder coated outside rather than blend in with the fish ball. This one is on a different scale.


French Pork with Tomato – RM12.50

Next this is the one that grab our attention the most. 2 big sized tomatoes cut open its top and then stuffed with minced meats and then baked with melted cheddar cheese.


The minced meats taste just right and not too salty and it was just great to be taken as appetizer or snack.

Not long after that the main course were served.


R39 Bakes Pork Rib Rice with XO Sauce – RM9.90 – Recommended

The rice were fried and then baked with the XO sauce pork ribs before serve. Most of us who attend this food tasting agree that this taste the best among 4 served later this post.


R38 Baked Pork Rib Rice with Red Sauce RM9.90

Pork ribs cooked with Tomatoes puree ala HK style. Onions and capsicum were added during the sauce cooking process. This shorten the baked rice preparation upon customer ordering.


R37 Baked Pork Chop Rice with Red Sauce – RM9.90

If you choose to have a more meaty option, go for the pork chop version instead of the ribs.

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7 Responses to Calorie Hong Kong Food Restaurant Sri Petaling Launching New Famous Hong Kong Baked Rice

  1. jfook says:

    Oh my the food looks real good

  2. Eunice says:

    wow…this look amazingly delicious… not so ordinary dishes like this is hard to find nowadays…

  3. smallkucing says:

    Looks like they have improved a lot.

  4. ai wei says:

    i was here once for there baked Cheese Pork Chop with Pumpkin and rice a long long long time ago.
    i quite like their idea: the rice in the whole pumpkin. but then the rice was tad dry

  5. iamthewitch says:

    Lovely dishes especially the fish balls! yum!

  6. mimid3vils says:

    Tong Yun in Chinese Tea? Do they work?

  7. xin says:

    i want the fishballs and the minced pork tomato!!!

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