Mum’s Seafood Noodle, The Strand Kota Damansara Serving New Sets Of Menu

All the Penang-Kia’s out there take proper notes on this! You don’t need to go all the way up north to have a great home cooked meal any longer. Mum’s Seafood Noodle House has been around for about a year and has been maintaining their authenticity and quality of food thus far without using MSG. Expanding on their already extensive menu, they sure will be whetting more appetites and satisfying more tum tums.

On Ken’s first visit, he wrote it (CLICK HERE)with their extensive range of choices and this round I will do the revisit.



SEAFOOD FISHHEAD BEE HOON –  RM13.80 for normal, RM18.80 for special

Remember the tasty, sour-ish salty taste associated with a good bowl of fishhead noodle? Coupled with fresh seafood and springy bee hoon, The Seafood Fishhead Bee Hoon will definitely satisfy your appetite, especially on a rainy night.




Don’t be surprised if this is not the normal Bean Paste Steamed Grouper you find in most restaurants cos it’s not. For starters, the sauce itself is different but might be familiar with the Penang Folks. Using fermented black bean paste and chilli to make this sauce, they’ve added an extra ingredient, crispy pork lard pieces. Imagine the ‘lil surprises you get when digging into the fish and sauce.



CURRY FISH HEAD – Market Price

For those who prefer more gravy with your rice, their Curry Fish Head is a fantastic dish with rice. Hot spicy steamy curry sauce poured over rice and fresh perfectly cooked fish and fresh vegetables to go with. Salivating yet?!



ASSAM FISH – Market Price

Prefer a sourish option; Assam Fish is the way to go. The sourness and spiciness is just right, again fish and vegetables are at its freshest. The assam fish is cooked in Penang style where the sour taste came from the pineapple and tomatoes used. Not by putting in plenty of tamarinds to make it sour.


JIU HU CHAR – RM10.80/serving

For those who don’t know what Jiu Hu Char is, it’s a dish popular during CNY but tedious to prepare. Stir fried long strips/slices of turnips (some may include mushrooms or dried squid), wrapped in lettuce pieces.



It’s a light and tasty dish and you can ask for their sambal belacan to add heat into the dish, which taste just as good. It taste best when the whole packet goes into your mouth.

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