Kick Ass Coffee Ristretto Style at Ristretto Espresso Bar Mont Kiara

A singular outlet at Mont’ Kiara 10, you’d think it’s just another lil’ café, but they are so not… Everything in their café shouts simple, laid back, chill out ambiance. Everything about their coffee and price doesn’t. For starters, the passion that owners of Ristretto have surpasses normal coffee lovers, to the point that they opened up this café so that they can share the love and passion for Sydney Coffee Culture.



How good can coffee be? Wait ‘til you try a cuppa from Ristretto you’ll know how good it is. Freshly roasted locally, beans from Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica and Brazil, you can’t get it any fresher, unless you’re talking about growing it in backyards. Any cup of coffee you order at Ristretto, the beans were roasted not more than a month ago. The coffees we had was roasted about 2 weeks ago only.





With the amount of training and passion that goes into preparing the coffee and food served at Ristretto, one would be surprised at the prices they charge, totally affordable. RM3 for a latte, flat white or cappuccino, it can’t be any cheaper!


Grinding the coffee powder


Using a different press vs the normal one below




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