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Published on November 18th, 2010 | by email2me


Anson Food Company at Section 17 Serving Teluk Intan Food

мебелиPJ has been transformed from a place filled with locals to one with multi lingo, multi race, filled with Malaysians and foreigners from all over. And I’m sure there is insufficient cuisine and eateries to fulfill that longing of home cook food from your own hometown where ever it may be.






The extensive menu of Teluk Intan home cook food sure make you wanna have your meal ASAP!

Well, for those who misses home cook food from Teluk Intan/Anson  or those who wants to know how delicious it taste, you’re in luck. Anson’s Place serves just that; food that brings back your childhood memories, what you used to eat with your family and friends. The owner Jenifer Kuah, hail from Teluk Intan have a crave of her home town food which ignite her idea of opening a restaurant which she can have her favorite dish anytime she wants. She even brought the chef from her home town and cook here.





This drink is hard to prepare as it require skills to boil it. There are no sugar or preservative added. It has a strong aroma of pandan leaves minus the taste. Taste part would be just like a glass of plain water. It is famous in Thailand where they serve it in jug form as a instant cool down after a hot bowl Tom Yam Gong.


Flower Tea


Ice Lemon Tea

After a long day at work, having a sip of their selection of Coolers will immediately freshen you up. No kidding!




For those who absolutely don’t take petai, you have to put aside your dislike and take a dip into this dish. The Sambal Petai is just spicy enough and taste great with rice. But the pungent taste & smell of petai was not overpowering at all. Next time, I’ll bring my own fried anchovies and mix with this plate of petai which definitely will spice it up just like my mom’s favorite way of cooking it.




A bit like the Peking Duck, Anson’s Place’s Aromatic Crispy Duck was first braised, then deep fried after it has rested.



Once crispy and golden, the whole duck is stripped down and shredded to be served with cucumber, spring onion and secret sauce all rolled up in a thin slice of popiah like wrap. A bite of that will have you wanting more. For the spicier individuals, go on and add some of Anson’s chilli sauce.

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12 Responses to Anson Food Company at Section 17 Serving Teluk Intan Food

  1. uLi says:

    Delicious~ The sambal petai jeng!!

  2. xin says:

    yummmm~ almost tempted to lick my monitor!

  3. smallkucing says:

    Petaaiiiiiiiiiiiii…my favourite.

    Food looks great. Didnt expect to find such nice restaurant there. wokay will go and cari makan there

  4. nice lar awesome si authenic, I like the setting, it brings me back to the 70’s. very authentic! 😉

  5. Duckie says:

    wow everything looks nice!!!

  6. Baby Sumo says:

    Wow I wish to eat the crispy aromatic duck and sang choy bao now.

  7. mimid3vils says:

    really can’t get enough of that crispy aromatic duck ~~~

  8. iamthewitch says:

    The petai looks so yummy!

  9. Foodfan says:

    Had lunch there today. Place was quiet. Ordered nyonya curry pork, kai LAN, fried fish with sambal and Siew boa Choy. Found the food to be rather bland. Somehow like not salty or spicy enough. Potatos in curry were hard. Sambal in fish rather tasteless. Minced meat forth vege wrap was ok. These dishes were recommended by the waiter. Reading your review makes me wonder if I went to the wrong place or was the cook on leave.

    • email2me says:


      The food there are MSG free for sure. As in blant part I would say every people have a different taste bud. The last round which I went there again was on Thursday and find that the food is still as good.

  10. foodfan says:

    I tried a number of FoodPOI recomendations eg Ting’s cafe, One cafe, Betty Midwest, etc — generally I agree with this blogger’s recommendations. So I am quite surprised at this- both my wife and daughter have the same comments. Nevertheless, I am impressed with their extensive menu and will give it another try on their “chiu pai choy”- aromatic duck, yam pork belly etc the next time I go there. Servings are large so cannot eat in a small group!

    Keep up the good work – the GPS points are real useful if you are not familiar with the area.


    • email2me says:

      Hi Foodfan,

      The food are constantly improved base on feedbacks from public. You may taste it a little different on your next visits. Like I told the owner, the fish will taste better if you put in more chili and she did ask her chef to do it from there on.

      I just love the homey food there. Not to hardsell as I am going there as a paying customer too after the review. You rarely see a food writer return to the same restaurant if the food is not good.

      You make the judgement and enjoy!

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