AnnaThai Kitchen Pulau Tikus, Home Cook Thai Food From Nakhon Si Thammarat


Kha-Nom Chin – RM3 – This is the real Thai Laksa where is meant to be eaten cold and less soupy. It is a rather simple version compared to the Lemak Laksa which commonly sold in the island that uses asam laksa soup with coconut milk added.

If you wanted to have something more filling, you should grab your self a plate of white rice and some of the dishes available of the day. I will not elaborate much on the foods below as it may look similar to our local mix rice dishes but trust me the taste will be different as the sauce used were mostly imported from Thailand and cook by authentic Thai chefs at the back. One thing you may notice most of the dishes is cooked with Fish Sauce.





Thai Basil Chicken


Pork Vinegar



Thai Fried Pork with Garlic


Thai Curry Chicken

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