AnnaThai Kitchen Pulau Tikus, Home Cook Thai Food From Nakhon Si Thammarat

Have you ever taste the home cook food of Southern Thai house hold ? The cook (Anna) which originate from Nakhon Si Thammarat, the most ancient city of Thailand open this restaurant with the mind to share his cookings to people who love Thai foods. Anna Thai Kitchen, named after her name and operated from a house converted to restaurant nearby the Pulau Tikus wet market.


This is a strategic location for her new restaurant as she doesn’t need to stock up that much of raw materials and you can rest assure that the freshest ingredients were used in all her cookings. Her menu items were quite simple with a few fix ala carte items and some mix rice dishes. All the mix rice dishes were never repeated on the same day. There are too many dishes that Anna wanted to share with the people who eat her food. So to taste all her mix rice dishes in one day are kinda impossible. You may probably need to return there for a couple of days to try out the dishes.


Comfy air conditioned environment


Hor Mok [Thai Otak Otak]


Hor Mok [Thai Otak Otak]


Made fresh daily and using only the finest ingredient. The “CHI TIN CHEW” super hot cili padi is not for the faint hearted. It really can ruffle your hair up.


Khao Ka Moo – RM5 – Thai Pork Trotter Rice with braised eggs, salted vege and home made special Thai Chili Sauce.


Khao Mun Gai – RM5 – Thai Style Poached Chicken Rice. It taste the same for the rice part with our local Hainanese Chicken rice. But when coming to the dipping sauce preparation, the sauce is made of bean paste, fresh chopped garlics and bird eye chili. The chicken were kampung chicken (Free range chicken). The combination of the whole plate were quite good.


Khao Yam – RM5 – Thai Ulam Rice. Their ulam rice were a mixture of pomelo bits, diced cucumber, bean sprouts, kacang botol, dried shrimp floss and bird eye chilis with special sauce. The right way to enjoy your ulam rice is to mix all of it evenly. Careful with the bird eye chili though as they are using the most spicy bird eye chili.


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