Ginseng Fed Pigeon Feast At Guangzhou Pigeon Sanctuary


Baby balitong snails which is used to prepare the Spring Water Ginger Pigeon soup


See the raw pigeon meat which having a slight darker colour


Pigeon heads anyone? We don’t eat the meat though. Just drink the soup is nourishing enough and to warm up your body on this cold weather.


Lychee Wood Fire Cooked Chicken with baby black mushroom on Chinese wine



Kungfu Lou Fish Soup


The fish meat doesn’t have any muddy smell and its texture is just like our grouper fish. I like this better as the meats were much finer and more tender. It is almost like you are biting a fresh prawn.


This is one of the creepy look dish. It is actually a pigeon blood steamed with egg. I had a spoonful on this and the taste a lil bloody to me. The taste rather similar to those crushed pork bones marrow. No one other that touch this dish besides me.


Home made tasty pork ribs


Salted Fish Tofu


Fried Vege with pigeon innards


Myself with the boss, My tour leader Ms. Anne Tan, Chef Hugo Leong and a couple from our tour.


All of them were so happy with soups and dishes. Free from MSG and cooked using the most traditional method by using Lychee Wood Fire Stove.



The name card to this place.

Location Map

This tour is organized by Tour2U Holidays. There are another upcoming gourmet tour to China at first week of December 2010. They also provide easy payment scheme which you just need to pay RM500 per month (around RM5000 for the gourmet tour package) until December to secure your seat. When I went for the trip, there are more people who want to join in last minute but have to walk away disappointed as this is a very popular trip that it always fully booked. So if you want to avoid disappointment, make your reservation now by calling the tour leader Miss Anne Tan at 012-336 9337. I have made my reservation for it. How about you? This upcoming trip also will have Hugo Leong to lead us to all these gorgeous foods. Bear in mind that you paying a hefty amount of money to taste the traditional foods and not the luxurious sharks fin or abalones.

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