Ginseng Fed Pigeon Feast At Guangzhou Pigeon Sanctuary


A teenage pigeon


A full grown pigeon.


This is what makes it


The pigeon foods… ginseng tea soaking up the grains

This farm usually is off for public. No one allowed to come in here but we were on exception list as the honored guest.

The lunch start


Calf (Baby Cow) Meat stir fried with spring onions, onions and home brewed soya sauce paste. The taste is similar to our normal stir fried meat but the texture of the beef is much tender. Each bite contain the juice and marination of the soya paste. It is just nice to go along with a bowl of white rice. Instead of white rice, I have something else better with this meat.


Claypot Pigeon Rice. Yes! You heard it right. Claypot pigeon rice. Taste wise, close to our home claypot chicken rice but the meat taste much better. This is the dish which you can taste the ginseng pigeon meats without any add on sauces or marination.


Stir Fried Goose intestine with bean sprout. The springy texture of the intestine taste almost like chicken intestine but more firm.


The boss himself cook for us the Green Head Duck Dish



Ginger Slice fried with Green Head Duck Meat. Even though this dish is fried on the spot, I didn’t expect it to taste good without any marination work done on the duck meats. But due to the duck also fed on the same ginseng soaked grain, its meat alone is just nice without any marination. The aroma and fragrance of it is so good that made it taste like our herbal chicken.

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