Feast On Tuo Rung Food Street Sungai Golok, Narathiwat Province Thailand

This post is back dated from Jan 1st, 2010 where I celebrate the new year with my house mates on a food journey to east coast. We went to Kuantan (Pahang) > Kuala Terengganu (Terengganu) > Kota Bahru (Kelantan) > Sungai Golok (Narathiwat Province, Thailand). I decide to write from the last stop Sungai Golok under Narathiwat Province rather than the starting point as it is rather disappointing with the local foods. We actually drive all the way in to the border town with my house mate’s car.

You can drive you car there provided you go through all this stuff :

  1. Bring your car pink slip. Make sure the name of the pink slip is the same with your driving license.  If different name (daddy’s car or someone else) then you will need to write and authorization letter and get it certified at court or commissioner of oath
  2. Bring passport of course. Valid ones! The expiry date of your passport shall not be longer than 6 months of the expiry date
  3. When reaching the Malaysian border at Rantau Panjang (Kelantan), scan your passport at the immigration. No need to get down from car. Just pass them the whole stack will do
  4. Go front a bit and park your car. Visit the JPJ office to get your photocopy pink slip with driving license verified. They will then stamp for you certified true copy and valid for 30 days. You can use this to enter any of the border town including Singapore
  5. Then reaching the bridge where is right on the river that separate Malaysia and Thailand
  6. Upon reaching the other end, park your car immediately on the left side. Then walk across the road and approach the right part of the immigration office. Get the visa forms from the immigration and fill it up
  7. Then que up and get your passport stamped
  8. Then you will reach the customs check
  9. They will stop your car and you wind down the window and tell them you need to fill in the form. They will ask you park your car in front and there’s a parking lot in front. Walk to nearest booth and pass them the certified true copy pink slip and your passport
  10. You will need to purchase a minimum 10 days motor insurance coverage which cost RM20
  11. Then bring it to the customs officer with tables on the far right of the customs check. They will stamp your form and keep a copy. When you exit from the country, come back and pass them another copy of the form. Remember not to lose it as it will treat your car as an illegal export car without that document
  12. That’s all about the documentation to drive into Thailand

Next we approach the first hotel of which is 500 Meter away from the border called Genting Hotel. We checked in a room which cost RM69 (higher floor). The lower floor cost RM59 which pretty close to the disco. Don’t expect much from the hotel as it is just good for you to freshen up and sleep. At the same time, we asked the front desk where to get local good foods and we were introduced to Tuo Rung Food Street which located 1KM away. The hotel provide shuttle service if you lazy to drive.


2 bottles of Complimentary drinking water from the hotel. I would recommend you to bring one bottle out for just incase. Some of the water that served on the street were yellowish color. One sip you will end up sleeping on the toilet bowl.


Tuo Rung Food Street after rain.


Cold drinks ranging from coconuts, longan, lychee and my personal favorite home made pineapple juice


This is called “NAM SAP PA LOOT” which cost 10 Baht = RM1


Lin Chi Kang 20Baht = RM2


Fried Chickens and Spring Chickens


Glorious Juicy and Tasty Fried Chickens On The Table


Spring Chickens


Thai Style Chicken Rice and Noodle Shop


Ranging from Pork Balls to Braised Ducks Noodle and Rice


My bowl of braised duck koay teow. Taste nice and the soup are just right. Cost 40Baht = RM4


Daniel’s Beef koay Teow 40 Baht = RM4

This koay teow simply better than any one in Malaysia. Not to mention the Penang one also no fight. The soup and the silky smooth flat noodle are on a different leve. The meats is a mixture of braised version mix with medium rare meats and come with beef balls. We clear till the last drop of the soup.


Spice up your dish with the condiments here from Chili powder, sambal, pickled chili and chili oil. 3 of us sweat even though raining out there.


1 of the stall that sells a kick ass HALAL “Tai Chow”

The one we patron sell different things compared to the rest. The Chinese owned stall come with plenty of fresh seafoods and double boiled soups. Not to mention their awesome pork trotter.


Live eels. Good to go with Pad Pat Style … Yumz ….


Fresh Water prawns anyone?


This is our main attraction for the night. Life marble goby fish (SOON HOCK).


Pork trotter


Choice of double boiled soups


Salted vege soup. I really wanted to try this but we had too many already.


Pig stomach pepper soup. Nice! Sure to make you sweat even more 80 Baht = RM8


Instant cook seafood tom yam soup … this will never go wrong in Thailand. 140Baht = RM14


Steam marble goby fish (SOON HOCK FISH) with soya sauce 360 Baht = RM36 for a 1kg+ fish


Prawn and Sotong omelette



Daniel hogging down the whole fried chicken drum stick ….

This place is located next to the Sungai Golok Thai Immigration Office

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