Balik Pulau Sungai Pinang Home Cook Asam Laksa and Fresh Durians

3 weeks back, I was in Penang to shoot pre wedding photographs for my best buddy. We almost round the whole Penang island to look for some nice spots to shoot the photos. Balik Pulau is one of it where the nature environment there are untainted with developments.

On the way coming down from Teluk Bahang to Balik Pulau we pass by a tourist spot called Titi Kerawang waterfall which famous for tourist to buy fruits and picnic up there. We didn’t stop by and just pass by. Then we saw a few newly put up sign boards for LAKSA …. Yum yum …. the crave all of sudden mingle in my mind. Straight away I follow the signboard and end up with this place.

A well maintained wooden house with big gardens which act as a parking lot. The owner of this place is a durian farmer and also he’s trying to convert this house into an antique shop which sell some old stuffs. To cut the story short, we all are here for the laksa and durians. Seriously speaking in KL, there are NO asam laksa stall which are edible. Most of them can’t even beat a single stall in Penang. Asam laksa in Penang I would say should be listed side by side with Char Koay Teow to promote it.



Antique lantern


Nice water bowl to wash hand


Clean and cozy environment. Can get a little warm during afternoon. The place also patron by some muslim customers and love their asam laksa so much.


The noodle used here are home made using rice flour. It has a rougher texture compared to the one commercially used by Air Itam Laksa and the rest. This one Malay called it laksa beras which is my favorite.


Standard condiments of asam laksa …. peppermint leaves, spinach, cucumber, pineapple and onions.



Blanching the noodle and vegetables with the boiling soup


Scoop some fish meats


Sprinkle some bunga kantan and pour some shrimp paste.


Eat while it is still hot!


Not to forget to grab some durians here. Checkout my durian kunyit …. Oooohhh la la!

Way to get here :

From Titi Kerawang waterfall, drive down as usual towards Balik Pulau town. You will definitely pass by here. This place only open for weekends during lunch till sold out. Each bowl cost from RM3 to RM4 for big ones.

GPS : N5 23.727 E100 12.998

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