Yong Moh Coffee Stall Serving Best Juicy Pork Bun and Dim Sum in Melaka

When you are heading down to Melaka for a weekend trip. Obviously you will be having chicken rice for breakfast on your first day. How about the second day? You will for sure want to try something else. On my last weekend escapade to Melaka, I went and checkout this place called Yong Moh Coffee Stall which recommended by my friend.


Located along the narrow Jalan Tukang Emas, or Blacksmith Street, adjacent to Jonker Walk and opposite the 17th Century Kampung Kling Mosque, this is a typical coffee shop currently managed by the third generation of the Low family. It serves one of the best and most value-for-money meat buns accompanied by a good brew of locally-ground coffee.




The first thing that caught my eye when walking near to this place is the meat buns. It looks slightly smaller than what we had back in KL. It is just barely half the size of the TAI PAU of KL. Skins are white which indicates its freshness.


Most of my colleagues were caught by a surprise. The first bite into the bun makes the gravy burst out and make a mess out of it on their face.


Look at the fillings and the gravy … perfect!


Other type of buns


Steamed using the traditional basket steamer compared to the modern glass box.

Besides the bun, all the dim sum taste very authentic and good. Each of them were made fresh daily and there are no left overs.





Prawn Dumplings


Lor Mai Kai or Glutinous Chicken rice


Oh that is so juicy!

Next we were introduced to one of their best selling dim sum. The “HOR SIN KU” or the lotus leaf rice.


This is my favorite as it taste almost like a bak chang but minus the salted egg yolk. Every bits of the rice were covered with the lotus leaf fragrance and also the filling are great.


Yong Moh is located at :

32, Jalan Tukang Emas, 75200, Melaka. Off days: Tuesdays. Operating hours: 5am till late noon.

Price : Cheap

GPS Coordinate: N2 11.819 E102 14.859

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  1. Steven Goh

    wah… banyak pao nia. Although the tai pao is not my favorite, still the char siew pao and dim sum are my cup of tea. nice one, next time go to melaka will know where to go on second day.


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