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Published on August 26th, 2010 | by email2me


Pak Putra Restoran, Best Tandoori and Naan in Melaka

The night still early after we had our Asam Pedas at Hajjah Mona’s CV of xing. We moved on to Pak Putra’s Restoran which famous for their Tandoori Chicken and fluffy Nan bread. Most of the staff are from the punjabi race from their slang songs from youtube for free. The restaurant is located down the road from Hajjah Mona’s restaurant which about 300 meters away.


The chicken is marinated in yogurt and seasoned with tandoori masala amazon prime videos download macbook. It is moderately hot, but the heat is reduced in most Western nations.


Cayenne pepper, red chili powder or kashmiri red chilli powder is used to give it a fiery red hue kostenlose wimmelbildspiele downloaden. A higher amount of Turmeric produces an orange colour. In some modern versions, both red and yellow food colourings are used.


Tandoori chicken and naan cooked in red hot tandoor oven


Tandoor Oven

It is traditionally cooked at high temperatures in a tandoor (clay oven), but can also be prepared on a traditional grill rewe app.


Preparing to put the naan bread dough to cook in the tandoor


Removing the cooked naan bread from the tandoor


Tasty and juicy tandoori chicken


Awesome mint sauce with cucumber, onion and a zesty squeeze of lime


Garlic Cheese Naan Bread

The naan were great spotify auf macbook herunterladen! Fluffy, soft and the garlic really spice up the bread. I just can eat it like that. This place is so famous that their tandoori chicken sold out at 10pm during weekends adobe downloaden. If they run out of tandoori chicken, you can try the rest of their dishes too which taste as good.

Jalan Laksamana 4,

Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Mondays)
6pm- 1am

GPS : N02 11.696 N102 14.624

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10 Responses to Pak Putra Restoran, Best Tandoori and Naan in Melaka

  1. lionelong says:

    whoa, looks yum ! I wonder if it’s frequent that the naan falls to the bottom of the clay :p

  2. Enqvist says:

    like cheese naan very much…try take it with susu pekat…very delicious

  3. ck lam says:

    Great pix of the tandoori chicken and naan cooked in the oven 🙂

  4. m.chung says:

    yr comment that said all staff are Punjabi ? LOL !!!! STAFF ARE MOSTLY FROM PAKISTAN , I FROM MUMBAI AND 2 FROM BANGLADESH AND 1 FROM KUCING , and how do I know ? Well I eat there 2-3 times a week , know all the staff and boss very well. So now you know :))

  5. christock says:

    Yeaaaap I agree, they are the best! succulent meat and really nicely done naan! and the sauces man!

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