O’Brien Irish Sandwich

I am a sucker for good sandwiches. 3 days in a week, I am having Subway breakfast set to start off my day. Some more it is so near to the place where I stay. Subway is famous for their freshly baked breads and their line of fresh vege and processed meats.

Everything changed when I sink my teeth on O’Brien Sandwiches. Though their breads are different compared to Subway, the choice of sauces and condiments are more too.




Not fond of bread? Checkout the pastries corner. You can fill the croisant up with all the fillings too.


Only natural cheese are used here.




Tuna Swiss Melt @ RM14.10 is another healthy choice toasted with wholemeal bread.

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22 thoughts on “O’Brien Irish Sandwich

  1. dory

    If you’re a sucker for sandwiches, as you claimed u are in your opening line, you should have discovered O’brien’s a looooong time ago… hmmmm…? Subway is just a ‘dry fast food’ chain… O’brien’s is a more established one, the type you can set benchmark in the market… Ultimately, go for gourmet ones like at Etoile, Equitorial…

    1. email2me Post author

      We did and I forgot which one is it ….. there’s one that come with beef inside and in a night we have a complete range of their sandwiches

  2. J2Kfm

    Thought you have sworn allegiance to Subway one?!!! Aiyo.
    Now O’Briens pulak? 🙂
    Though true lah, sometimes Subway’s selections are limited somehow … and I tend to go for their Sub of the Day. Since Subway is offering FREE drink with their sandwiches now, I don’t see their popularity waning any sooner.

  3. xin

    gosh! i love the all day irish breakfast! i am not sure whether i should thank u for introducing it to me or not, now i am addicted to it 😛


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