Village Fish Head Noodle Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara



This outlet in a cosy part of Kota Damansara serves up a large variety of fish head noodles. Prepared fresh daily, the Village Fish Head Noodle Restaurant boasts their 15 types of fish head noodles made from their vegetable broth. You got it right, vegetable broth. That’s just the soup base only, depending on what customers orders, different combination of ingredients are added to the soup based and cooked creating a pretty tasty bowl of noodles.

As we arrived, they were almost full house so we had our drinks first. Most of us ordered their Sour Plum Lime Juice. Yes it definitely was sour but in the nicest and most refreshing kind of way. I was immediately awake after the first sip and wanted more. It also worked up an appetite for me. Most of us had a second glass by the time we were halfway through as there was so much to eat.


Our first bowl of noodles was the Fresh Prawn & Sliced Abalone Mee Hoon. I was immediately attracted by the aroma from the soup. The soup had a slight hint of the juices from heads of the fresh prawns. That’s the first thing a foodie will attack when eating prawns.


A mix of fresh prawns and fish head, absolutely delicious. There’s no fishy smell at all as the fish head pieces was really fresh and tasty.


Pure Fish Head Mee Hoon. Now that I’m not so distracted anymore, I had a real good taste of the mee hoon. They use good quality mee hoon, springy and tasty.



If you don’t like bones in your food, the Fish Paste Mee Hoon is right up your alley. Juicy and springy fish paste with mee hoon.

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