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Published on June 17th, 2010 | by email2me


CLOSED : Kafe Kofi King and First Photography Academy

I am glad to share with you all that Penang now having a new DSLR Camera Photography learning center located at the heart of Georgetown. To be precise it is right at the corner next to Red Rock Hotel at Aboo Siti Lane. The building comprise of an old building which house a photography studio, show room for camera equipments and also a restaurant under the name of Kafe Kofi King. I won’t talk much on the photography academy but you can checkout more details about them at www.firstphoto.com.my

The chef behind the Kafe Kofi King has a vast experience in preparing Chinese Cuisine, Westerns and Fusion foods. I had the opportunity to try out all his cooking when I did a photography shoot session for a friend at the studio. All the foods were prepared fresh upon order and there is a good thing about the chef here. He really put his heart into cooking his foods. He only serve the best to his customer. It may take sometime before your food is served. Food that are prepared in a rush will never taste good. Another way you can pre order via phone before visiting them so that the chef can cook ahead. The business hour and reservation details is located at the end of this post.


Chicken Chop with melted mozzarella cheese


It is paired with wrinkle fries and also stir fried mix vege.


Grill Chicken Spaghetti

Tom Yam Spaghetti


Sweet and Sour Fried Fish


The best dish from the chef, curry fish head




Fried Chili Squid

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13 Responses to CLOSED : Kafe Kofi King and First Photography Academy

  1. xin says:

    the tomyam spaghetti looks really yummy!

  2. uLi says:

    Ohhh….all the spicy foods….I love it!!

  3. Lindy says:

    OMG!! All the foods looks delicious!! Especially the chicken chop and fried chilli squid! Yums! 😀

  4. nrewq says:

    Food looks spicy but yet tempting at the same time!! :p

  5. Susan Ong says:

    Kafe Kofi King and First Photography already business close down. Cannot cover and sustain the business I think. Tried the food, so so only.

  6. Susan Ong says:

    You mean say that First Photography is doing pub business also? Or the pub is not related?
    Why Kafe Kofi King close down?

  7. Susan Ong says:

    Oh…. such a unfortunate thing.
    I remember I go there to ask about photo training when I eat at Kofi King. But no one was around to be able help me.
    Do they still give still give training?

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