Gourmet Tour With Hugo Leong – Day 2 (Lunch) : New Plum Garden Siji Restaurant at Shantou, The Home Ground Of Teo Chew Clans People In China

On Day 2 of the my China Gourmet Tour in China, we were travelling from Shenzhen to the east of Guangzhou where it is located southern east of China. The place is called Shantou is located at the east part from Guangzhou.

Shantou, a city significant in 19th-century Chinese history as one of the treaty ports established for Western trade and contact, was one of the original Special Economic Zones of the People’s Republic of China established in the 1980s, but failed to blossom like other cities such as Shenzhen, Xiamen and Zhuhai. However, it remains as Eastern Guangdong’s economic centre, and is home to Shantou University, a member of the β€œProject 211” group.

From Shenzhen it took us 4 hours by bus ride just to reach that place. Though it is quite a long journey, the whole journey were accompany by Hugo Leong and wife plus a very active local tour guide which constantly entertain us with local info and what we are going to eat when we reach Shantou.

According to Hugo, Shantou also is known as Teochew as most of the people who stay here are Teochew people. When we talk about Teochew, first thing that will cross your mind is Teochew porridge. True enough that teochew porridge are famous as breakfast here. Besides the porridge another famous dish that origin from here is the braised duck (Lou Arp in Cantonese).


Wind Powered Power Generator that are used at villages to generate electricity


New Plum Garden Siji Restaurant – The finest for lunch in Shantou for Teochew style foods



A huge and large dining hall with more than 10 VIP rooms


For a banana like me who don’t read mandarin, is not an issue to order food here. All come with sample on how it going to look like with price tag stated clearly. Our food menu were taken care by Hugo himself as he know what is the best food in this restaurant. You just sit and eat when you join his gourmet tour.



Giant bamboo clam


Just compare that against a normal cockle …. so huge !! There are lots of fresh seafood here and I tell you, none of our seafood restaurants can beat in terms of quantity, quality and freshness of seafood. To start it off, we were served with 3 types of appetizer.

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    1. email2me Post author

      No leh …. <5K inclusive of premium airline (MAS), stay 5 stars hotel, eat fantastic foods (no way you can go supper after that even me!)

  1. J2Kfm

    Oh so fast already gone for the food tour?! I thought it was only a few weeks ago when you told me about this. Haha .. time flies.

  2. lionelong

    wooooot…..looks good, but doubt will drive so far for pork noodle πŸ™‚ Got one at CitySun, Dataran Prima is good enough for me πŸ™‚


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