Lot 10 Hutong – Blast from the Past with a Modern Twist featuring Original Imbi Road Pork Noodle, Ho Weng Kee Wan Tan Noodle, Ice Room and Oriental Dessert

Hutong means lane or alley in Chinese. But it also represents a form of community that exists only in China, particularly in Beijing. They represent an important cultural element of the city, and Lot 10 DID get the concept right by calling their latest revamp Lot 10, Hutong. It’s an intricate of nooks and crannies with delicious food, just like we use to have in the yester years. Hey I’m NOT THAT OLD!!! Its food that our parents use to have during their younger years and to some of us when we were just kids. Lot 10 Hutong is the first heritage project of its kind to bring together an encyclopedia of local cultures and culinary traditions from hidden alleys of KL, the back lanes of Penang and the side streets of Singapore, to relive the bygone experiences of past generations that time may soon forget. Each corner you turn at Hutong, there’s always something good to eat, something to savor. You would not want to miss this destination for heritage brands and eateries of the golden oldies.

Now I don’t need to travel all over just to get some tasty morsels. Now get ready to be stuffed silly with yummy, delicious food


Mr. Lee’s great grandfather opened a stall in 1943 selling pork noodles. They started out with just one stall in Jalan Imbi, having only family members to help out with the preparation of each ingredient for this simple yet delicious pork noodle. No secret recipe for you. You want to taste it, get yourself down to Hutong 😛 Mr. Lee is the 4th generation taking over the business and now they have their original stall in Jalan Imbi, one in Kota Kemuning and this one here in Lot 10 Hutong. The Lee Family also owns a factory specially to produce fresh pork cubes and ‘loh shu fun’ (rat’s tail noodle) daily.

Freshly made daily pork balls

Stir Fried Minced Pork

Stuffed Pork Intestine

Pork Ball in clear soup

The way to blanch the noodle also must have a certain skill in order to get it right or else your noodle will turn soggy

See the blancher looks different compared to the common one that other hawker use

Dry Lou Shu Fun (Mouse Tail Noodle)

The traditional cock bowl used since old time to serve their noodle. Here at Hutong, they mix with house bowl.

3 items came together, and the first thing I attacked was the dried noodle with stuffed pork intestines. The stuffed intestines (Chu Tai Cheong) was lean in every bite, unlike some stuffed with fatty, yucky stuffing. This, you can eat as many as you want. Wish I could! The noodle is springy like it should be; flavorful on each single strand of noodle and the minced pork that was served together is addictive. The dark soya sauce they use, it’s nothing that we can buy anywhere. The colour is just dark enough without the hint of bitterness of dark soya sauce we are accustomed to cos it’s specially made just for them only. After 1 bite, you want more but I had to hold my horses so I won’t over eat. It’s only my first bowl! Not being able to finish every single bit in the bowl is torture. ARGH!!! If you’re one of those who love fried pork intestines like I do, let me tell you a secret… You can call Mr. Lee for a special order. Don’t tell anyone 🙂

The Soup Version Of Yellow Noodle

When I reached for the noodle soup, I thought to myself. Oh no, this was served like 15 mins ago. I’ll be eating soggy noodles. You know what. I was SO WRONG!!! The noodle was still as springy as if it was just cooked a minute ago, the soup was still hot! No big deal?? Yo! We were in an air-conditioned room with some heavy horse power aircon units! Anything will get soggy and cold within 5 mins. This bowl of noodle has been sitting there for more than 10mins. You know why? It’s the skill of the chef when cooking noodles. Not many chefs have that skill. This skill was passed down from generations and takes years of practice to perfect. Mr. Lee already perfected his skill. I was amazed! First noodles, now the soup. Again, something that I’d lap up in a jiffy. No kidding! This soup base is prepared daily and left to boil on low heat for about 18 hours before it’s ready to be served. It tastes great mixed with the minced pork and the noodles. And the pork cubes that comes with it, tastes just like pork pieces but with a softer texture. I love my pork in any way in comes in so this is really good, safe to eat as many as you want cos there’s no tenderizer or artificial flavor added.

Pork Ball Soup

Of course we didn’t have enough of the pork cubes. These few little cubes taste just as good without the noodle. Must be the way it was made; steamed using not gas but with wood and fire. The soup is the original one without added minced pork. It’s a clear, sweet tasting soup, one that you know lots of effort and ingredients went into.

Mr. Lee brought us this little treasure later, dry rice vermicelli without the black soya sauce. All inside the bowl was the vermicelli and the fried minced pork and some spring onions only. I liked this more than the normal dry noodles with black soya sauce. You can taste the original minced pork flavor, aromatic to the last bit and the springy noodles.

The whole tasty part of the noodle is this. The minced meat! A bowl of pork noodle taste is determined by this stuff.


Ho Weng Kee, started his stall in 1943 along Jalan Petaling, using wholesome family recipes and attracted loads of loyal customers visiting his stall on a regular basis. My grandparents sure were one of them. Yea I checked it out with them after today, only Mr. Ho, his grandfather and his loyal employee, ‘Ah Ngau’ knows the secret recipes to the few dishes we were served and it’s all made the traditional way.

Glorious Char Siew On Display

Char Siew Preparation by Ah Ngow

Springy hand and homemade (with an actual bamboo stick) wanton noodles with crispy ‘char siew’, just delightful. The noodles are so tasty you can eat it just on its own. And the ‘char siew’ taste like dried pork meat, aka ‘bak gua’. Yeap those that you usually get during Chinese New Year! Again we had to be careful not to eat too much.

Home Made Noodles

Excellent Char Siews

Mouth Sized Wan Tan

Pickled Chili

Secret Recipe of a starchy chicken sauce

A complete plate of dried wantan noodle with char siew and choi sum toppings

The Roast Chicken Version

Don’t like dry noodles?! Want to spice things up? Try out their curry wanton noodles, one of their best sellers. The aroma of the curry sauce is still lingering on in my mind.

The add on chili for curry version

Curry Wantan Mee

The soft and melt in your mouth beef briskets with tendons and the juicy meat pieces, absolutely delicious.

Slowly stewed for hours, the pork ribs with black bean paste is tender and juicy. It goes great with the wanton noodles or just taken on its own.

Stewed Pork Ribs

Wan Tan Soup

We were also served their handmade wanton and dumplings or ‘sui kow’. Have you eaten some super mini wanton with nonexistent fillings before? Well this wanton is the total opposite of that.

Their wanton is made of minced pork and dried shrimps, lots of juicy meat to bite into their ‘sui kow’ is another mouthful or 3 if you have a small mouth like mine 😛 It’s filled with finely chopped carrot, water chestnut and minced pork. The soup that goes with these 2 items, you just want to drink every single drop of soup boiled with turnips (sa kot) and

flounder (‘jor hau yu’) which is first deep fried, then pounded to a fine powder before adding it into the soup. This fish is specially imported from Hong Kong for the quality.

Sui kow or known better known as soup dumplings


This quirky little stall at Hutong is one of its kind and within 7 months opened 3 other cafes in Bangi, Nilai and Cheras. They plan to open another 4 more outlets by the end of this year. What are they? One of the trendiest and chic dessert stall you’ll find in town. The one in Hutong serves up to 17 combinations of thirst quenching shaved ice delights.

Simon, one of the owners has spent 1 year on R&D on the products. This ensures quality and taste on all their products. Unlike other shaved ice, Ice Room’s shaved ice is flavored and has a great many varieties of toppings for you to choose from.

The flavored ice blocks

Plug it on to the the imported ice shaver

And adjust the level of of how fine your ice to be and shave

This shaved ice come in a layer form compared to the rest which is crushed

Add some fresh cut mango toppings and tadpole eggs sago

Add chocolate chips

Mango Pomelo Snow Ice

By the time we sat down with Simon, 2.5 hours has passed since we started the food tour. Yes, by then we were quite lethargic from the amount of food we had. But when I saw the bowl of glittering dessert in front of me my eyes lit up. It’s like eating a super delicious pie and half way through, they add more filling for you. How great is that! This Mango Pomelo Snow Ice is full of flavor with every single spoonful. Full mango flavored ice, with big cuts of ripe, sweet mango. It’s as refreshing as it can get!

Durian Snow Ice

Before we could finish the first bowl, came the Durian Snow Ice. I whiffed the durian pungent smell before it was set on our table. You’d think it’s just another artificial durian flavored ice right?! NO! It tastes almost like the real thing, creamy, cold durian and dodol taste. Remember the 1 year they put in R&D, this is the reason for that, total surrender to the dessert.

Next came something really dark. It looks interesting yet bit scary. It’s Black Sesame Snow Ice. If you’re a full fledge Chinese you’d be digging your spoon in before the bowl hits the table. I wanted to but had to take down notes. When the spoonful hit my taste buds, it’s like eating really good, creamy black sesame dessert. Not only it’s cold and you can eat as fast as you want, it’s satisfying as well.

Nut Case Peanut Snow Ice

Our last shaved ice dessert was Peanut Snow Ice. I’ve been trying to find a really good hot peanut dessert but have failed thus far, until I tried Ice Room’s Nut Case. It’s the cold version of the really good hot peanut dessert. I’m so going to convert my parents to having desserts from Ice Room.

BBQ Chicken Snow Bun

Custard Snow Bun

Avocado Snow Bun

Yam Snow Bun


Our last stop, the Oriental Dessert stall was swarming with customers when we approached them. We allowed them to settle their customers whilst we try to digest a bit more of the amount of food we had earlier before eating MORE! Mr. Lee took over this stall only from the 1st of May 2010 and their business has never been better. They have been around for 20 years, starting their first stall in Sg. Wang and now shifted to Hutong. This stall is a must stop for everyone who loves the traditional Chinese desserts. I remember in my younger days, an uncle would come by forth nightly on his make shift motorbike stall to sell sweet desserts. My favorite was the Bubur Cha-Cha. Oriental Dessert is just like that, except it’s in a nicer, permanent spot at Hutong. Their desserts are just like how my grandmas use to make it; all ingredients are au-natural and made the traditional way. They serve 7 different types of hot desserts, ice kacang with various toppings, cendol and ice jelly daily.

Mr Lee is busy and whole heartedly happy preparing a bowl of mixed ice for his customer since olden days

Old Ice Shaving Machine Still I Use

Cream Corn, Rose Syrup, Sarsi Syrup, Coconut Sugar and plenty of evaporated milk

Peanuts and red beans added

The traditional ice kacang from the old days! The mix of ice and toppings are a great balance, corn, red beans, peanuts, ‘cincau’ or black jelly and cendol. As they prize on not using artificial ingredients, they use red sugar instead of artificial sweetener. OF COURSE IT’S MORE EXPENSIVE! But quality overrides profitability for them.

Piping hot bowl of bubur cha cha

This creamy satisfying yet not over whelming dessert were exactly how I like Bubur Cha-Cha to be. Yam, orange and yellow sweet potato is steamed separately before adding these into the pandan aromatic coconut milk base. It’s not too sweet or thick, the healthier version, yet maintaining the original taste. They do not use gas or electric to cook this, it’s all wood and fire, boiled in clay pots, except using electric to keep it warm only. Suckers for sweet desserts like me love this!

Another traditional dessert, a mix of various types of herbs which I can’t name cos it’s all in Chinese, jelly, lotus seeds and ‘lo han guor’. This is a little bit different from those in other places as the ‘lu han guor’ is the main ingredients to make this dessert refreshing and cooling to the body, yet not too sweet to the health. Those who wants to have smother skin without spending a bomb on skin care, go grab a bowl on alternate days and see the difference. ‘Lu hon guor’ is known as a beauty agent for giving you soft, supple skin. Guys can try it too!

Durian Cendol

Another surprising delight, Cendol with Durian. For cendol and durian lovers, now you can have 2 in one without filling up your tummy to its limits.

Mr Lee brothers

After visiting these 4 stalls, in my opinion you would not want to miss out on a visit or a few to Hutong. Each corner you turn, there’s something that you will crave for. You would probably be paying a lot more visits there since there’s a total of 26 specially selected eateries in Hutong. I know I definitely would!

Hutong is located at :
Lower Ground Floor, Lot 10, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

GPS : N3 08.765 E101 42.710

Written By : Hoi Mamoru
Photography : Ken Chan

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