I am always a meat lover especially when comes to burger. I like my ..." /> CLOSED : Cravings Kitchen & Bistro at Giza Kota Damansara Revealing 12 inch Tall Gourmet Burger - Food Point of Interest

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CLOSED : Cravings Kitchen & Bistro at Giza Kota Damansara Revealing 12 inch Tall Gourmet Burger

I am always a meat lover especially when comes to burger. I like my burger patty juicy and thick. When I receive a call from fellow makan kaki say wanna test out a 12inch tall burger, I go on the spot without any hesitation. Some more so near to my place at Kota Damansara.

The restaurant is called CRaVinGs Kitchen & Bistro where it is located inside Giza shopping center at Kota Damansara.

Nice interior design

The bistro feel second floor

Our tables ….

The star of the night. 12 inch” Cravings Monster Burger (RM25.90). (12″ when it is still raw. Remember that after you cook the patty, it will shrink in size)

It is around 8 inches tall after cooked. The burger patty comes in 4 flavors which there are beef, vegetarian, vegetarian, beef bacon and lamb. It comes with 2 slices of cheese and also fresh vegetables. To hold the burger still, there are a skewer in the middle to hold everything in place.

You may wonder how are we going to eat this burger. 1 person sure can’t finish this whole thing. So don’t be a hero and challenge it. There are 8 of us that share this burger. How we eat it, cut everything into small pieces . The cheese part is the mark of the different combination to be eaten. So you can have 4 different flavors in one burger. This is my method of eating it. How about you? You can drop the comment later on how you eat it.

Chicken Soup with Herbs (RM6.90)

The taste of the chicken soup is pretty smooth and every scoop you can taste the herbal and chicken taste. The broccoli goes along very well with the soup as well.

Next Kongguksu (Korean Noodle in Soy) (RM12.90) a Korean dish which you don’t normally get to taste else where. This is a traditional Korean dish that we eat the glass noodle with Chinese fungus, red apple and cold soya bean milk as soup. Me and Bok love this so much till we clear the whole bowl. I don’t mind to take this daily as breakfast.

Chinese Fungus

Halloween Dinner (RM 23.90) First the rice are fried and then transfer into the a steamed pumpkin for the pumpkin aroma. The fried rice was serve with fried freshly prawns and this was a very filling dish and can be eaten by 2 pax. The whole pumpkin are edible in case you want to eat the whole thing.

Sichuan Noodle with Crysanthemum (RM 9.90)

The soup is cooked with “CHAR CHOY” and then tofu and fried chicken were placed on top of the koey teow. Then chrysanthemum flower were laden on top upon served. The whole bowl taste really great as it is pretty harmony. There are salty and a hint of spicy a bit from the CHAR CHOU, flower fragrance from the chrysanthemum flower and refreshing taste.

Smooth flat noodle are used here

Then we had the Triple Decker (RM10.90) that. I am impressed with the Chef creative dish creation. The minced chicken had been fried and was sandwiched in between the layer of fried rice. An ideal way of eating it is to mixed all the ingredients and eat it. Very delicious indeed! The best way to eat this dish is to mix everything up. A whole new taste which taste better surfaced by doing that.

This dish is a must to order by Pan Mee lovers. This dish is called Macau ‘Lua’ Noodle (RM 9.90).

By looking at the half boiled egg, you feel that you just want to swallow it into your mouth or mixed it with the noodle. What I did was to mix and stir the half boiled egg together … amazing taste … very nice to eat with the chicken slices too. The pan mee was home made from their kitchen itself.

The Delhi Fried Rice (RM 23.90), it was beautifully served in a decorative style using Green and Red pepper as the basket to hold the rice, and it is serve with 3 different flavours – Local Cravings fried rice, sour (with lemon squeeze in it) and spicy. Comes with the deep fried prawns which the meat is so tender and succulent.

Dome Steak (Marinated with Dom Liquor) (RM39.90) pair with a non alcoholic wine

Grilled Steak with Hot Chili Salsa (RM 34.90)

Grilled Lamb with Black Pepper Sauce (RM 34.90)

Craving House Burger (RM28.90) -The Crocs shoe alike burger … hehehe … looks like Crocs isn’t it? Anyway, this is Cravings House speciality burger with their own home made patty.

It may look like ramli burger patty but I can guaranty after you bite on it, the taste will explain to you everything!

Got brand and shoe lace some more

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21 Responses to CLOSED : Cravings Kitchen & Bistro at Giza Kota Damansara Revealing 12 inch Tall Gourmet Burger

  1. superwilson says:

    Good stuffs man. Will try it soon!

  2. uLi says:

    Wao! The burger really looks tempting! Yummy-licious….and the rest of the foods also delicious wor seems….m am sibeh hungry now after looking at this post! Time to cabut for dinner 😉
    .-= uLi´s last blog ..Fun Kee Bamboo Noodle (?????????) =-.

  3. ck lam says:

    This is indeed a tall burger to handle 🙂
    .-= ck lam´s last blog ..Kopi Cine, In-House Cafe of Straits Collection, Penang =-.

  4. wah that is a really tall burger, how do you even eat that?!
    .-= pigpigscorner´s last blog ..Rice & Noodles in Taipei =-.

  5. this is truly awesome, I must drop by for a visit!

  6. iamthewitch says:

    I love their fried rice the most! Very fragrant and delicious 😛
    .-= iamthewitch´s last blog ..Mini Reunion at Tony Roma’s Pavilion =-.

  7. via says:

    oh yeah…me and my friends love their burger so much … the pan mee very jeng also ler! indeed a nice place to drink and dine after work….will go again
    .-= via´s last blog ..Baby Dylan featured in Mami Baby Magazine =-.

  8. nrewq says:

    Yup, love the towery burger and the various creative dishes ! Eating is fun :p
    .-= nrewq´s last blog ..Asian Food Channel (AFC) presents “A French Affair” with Laura Calder’s first ever trip to Malaysia =-.

  9. lolyat gang says:

    food at this place halal or not ?

  10. allie says:

    wah lau eh~! Can I get one of such burger in Penang?

  11. ph3 says:

    Was there last week immediately after the fiasco @ nearby Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant.

    Yup, the food was good & so was the service (I think local part timers comprising of students) 🙂

  12. maymay says:

    Went with my friends on last Saturday.According to them,they had just changed their new Menu. Tried their Cravings King Prawn Noodle.Tat was nice and it just like “Sang Har Mee”.Prices are very reasonable also.

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