China Gourmet Tour With Hugo Leong – (Day 2 Dinner) : Jianye Restaurant, The Finest Teochew Food In Shantou


Yam Porridge


Side by side dining with Hugo. You’ll get your chance too when you participate the gourmet tour on this coming December 2010 trip.


After the fantastic dinner we were brought to tour around the city for sightseeing. However our tour agent do inform us that some of the people here still have primitive thinking which photography is not allowed. When you approach them, they either chase you away or close the lights. I believe is due to they are operating their stall illegally therefore they are worry we are one of the authorities. The thing that fascinate me is their wan tan mee and hand made ramen which made on the spot and cooked. The table and chairs were the old school stool type which brings back old memories.


The main gate towards the Petaling Street alike shopping center.


Open air tailor that operates without a shop.


Snacks stall


I really wanted to try them out but some how I can’t take another bite more as the dinner is kinda heavy. We just walk to let our stomach digest a bit. I then scouted this young man who fling a piece of dough on a heated pan. He is kind enough to let us shoot photos on him.


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