CLOSED : Authentic Guangzhou Halal Dim Sum at Ah Kad Kar Puchong


This is specially a good news for my fellow muslims friend and family. I bet that you all must be curious on how does a Chinese Dim Sum (Breakfast) taste like. Previously there are no place that make authentic dim sum which taste exactly like the Chinese version. Most were modified to resemble them but never get the same taste. Sit back and enjoy the dish I am going to share with you all here. The halal cert was shown at my fellow foodie’s blog. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT

Recently I was introduced to this place by fellow foodies. According to the person in charge, they hired a chef which came all the way from Guangzhou to prepare all the dim sums. Dim Sum is originally came from Guangzhou China base on the ancient history.

Bamboo design in the middle of the restaurant

Halal Logo presented

For a start, we we presented with steam white radish cake.

Every bite comes with the premium white radish fragrant which used in making this dish.

Egg Tarts

Water chestnut cake (Cold)

Prawn Dumplings

Kad Laver Crab roll

Kad Glutinous Rice wrapped and steamed in lotus leaf. It is the authentic way of preparing “LOH MAI KAI” the traditional way

Chicken Tofu Roll

Green Prawn Dumpling

Chicken Siu Mai (Chicken Dumpling)

Fried Chicken Wings

Pan Fried Lamb Dumplings

Braised Duck Rice

Black Pepper Chicken Rice

As a Chinese, I would say you can’t tell a difference between which one is HALAL. Even the Char Siu Pau also is as good as the pork version. They replace it with chicken and taste is close to 95% of the original taste.

The Char Siu Bun

Besides the great dim sum and bun, the soup is a dish that worth the mention. Before they started off with the dim sum biz, the initial plan was to sell nutritional herbal soup. All the soups were double boiled with black chicken which famous for its nutritional value.

Black Chicken Herbal Soup

Cordiceps Soup

Ah Kad Kar is located at :
No.2 , Jalan Puteri 7/8 ,
Bandar Puteri Puchong ,
47100 Selangor.

Tel : +603 – 8062 5854
Email :

GPS : N3 01.529 E101 37.426

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