Gourmet Tour With Hugo Leong – Day 1 : Tai Weng Wah Restaurant at Yuen Long, Hong Kong

I know this is a long waited post by many of my readers. Sorry for the delay of putting this up as I got a lot of catch up to do after the gourmet tour. Just a little bit intro to the gourmet tour. In Malaysia, most of the tour agency were offering the normal rushing the schedule tour where you rushing to meet the schedule all the time. Food and lodging were pretty crappy as they try to bring the budget down. It is not the same when you go on a gourmet tour. You will be flying on a premium airline, dine side by side with gourmet celebrity Mr Hugo Leong, eating good foods and stay in 5 stars hotel which located outside the busy town where you can have a good rest.

Gourmet tour is not something new in Malaysia. Last time this tour is usually joined by the restaurant proprietors or chefs for the sake of venturing into some old school foods in China and Hong Kong. All these foods were long lost in modern days and it can only be found at the place of the origin where the foods were first introduced. The tour agency that arranged this special tour is TOUR2U HOLIDAYS SDN. BHD. On the 5th of March 2010, the departure date for our tour is actually the 5th anniversary where they first started back in 2005. The one that started this tour is Ms. Anne Tan who is the tour leader for our trips. For this trip we were flying on Malaysian Airlines, one of the award winning airline in Asia.



Spacious and Colorful seats even in the economy class


The foods served to us on that morning are quite impressive. I am having a cheesy omelet set.


From Top Left : Red bean pudding, fresh cut fruits, coffee
Center Left : Cheesy Omelet with baked potato, button mushrooms, tomato and chicken sausage, fresh orange juice




We were served with ice cream too. A bar of Magnum Mini Classic vanilla ice cream with chocolate


The journey took us about 4 hours ride on the plane and it was a smooth one throughout the whole flight. We touch down Hong Kong International Airport around 3pm and then we are having a few hours free time for us to walk around before we head to Tai Weng Wah Restaurant (the restaurant own by Hugo Leong) for our dinner for the first night. When you are in Hong Kong, you must try their “Yin Yeong” (Mix Coffee and Tea) and “Lai Cha” (Milk Tea). It is very flavorful and smoother than the one we have with our mamak stall.

We were dropped off at Tsuen Wan area for us to do our shopping and I just simply walk in to a random coffee shop.



Small and compact coffee shop. But it is clean and comfortable.


Standard sets listed on the signboard


Hot Tea and Hot Yin Yeong at HKD12 each (RM6)

The Hot Milk Tea and Yin Yeong. Why this is so special and made me wanna fly 4000 miles just for a cup of tea? The tea leave used in preparing this are Lipton Tea from what I observe behind the kitchen. What surprise me is that they throw in raw egg shells together with the tea leaf. Then the hot water is poured on top of the tea leaf then poured over to the new cup. The egg shell make the tea very smooth and fragrant. The milk used are evaporated mixed with full cream milk.


The cold version of Lai Cha which commonly known as TEH AIS in our country (HKD12 = RM6)


Duck Drumstick and black bean soup rice HKD28 (RM14)


To me the soup are really well cooked but somehow the taste are rather bland. The soup slightly oily and the duck meat are quite tender.


Pork Innard Porridge HKD22 (RM11)

After the light snack time over here, were wander around to kill some time until 5pm and we went back to our tour bus. We were then heading to Yuen Long which is 1 hour 30 minutes away.


The main attraction for day 1 would be having dinner at Tai Weng Wah Restaurant, the restaurant which owned by renowned TV gourmet celebrity and TVB host for “FOOD GOD” Chef Hugo Leong Man To or widely known as To To. His show is aired on our ASTRO that recommends good foods around HK and Malaysia.


Tai Weng Wah Restaurant


Located in the center of Yuen Long town



The ground floor of the restaurant sells sundries


Operating hours of the restaurant


The front entrance of the restaurant


Main dining hall


Hugo Leong chatting with his guest in the restaurant


This restaurant is always busy but the service are very attentive

For this tour trip we were served with “9 TAI KWAI” or known as nine big ghost if we’re doing a direct translation from Cantonese dialect. Usually 9 Tai Kwai are cooked in special celebration day during the old times by the villagers. Most of the villagers in Yuen Long use to be a rural area which consist a lot of farmers. All of them back them are living in poor condition. 9 Tai Kwai are usually cooked during Chinese New Year or any special occasions. All of these dishes will then placed on a big bowl in 9 dishes. Below are the traditional 9 Tai Kwai dishes which cooked by villagers in ancient time.


Braised Sea Cucumber with Black Mushroom


Braised White Radish with dried Eel meat


Five Spice Chicken


Roast Duck


Salted Black Bean Prawns


“Leng” Fish Ball With Baby Pak Choi


Braise Dried Oyster With Bean Curd Skins


Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable With Glass Noodles


Poon Choi Pork


9 Tai Kwai on a full table


Spring Onion Mix with vinegar that taste very well with the 5 spice chicken


My plate of 9 Tai Kwai



Chinese Spinach Soup


Besides the 9 Tai Kwai, there are more surprises waiting for us. One of the “A MUST TRY” in this restaurant is the “CHU YAU LOU FAN” or roast pork oil rice. It is a very fragrant and tasty combination. It is just a mixture of roast pork oil, premium light soya sauce and white rice.


Left a bottle of roast pork oil and on the right a bottle of premium light soya sauce


Get you self a bowl of white rice. Then pour the roast pork oil to a spoon. Try don’t put too much. This is really oily!



Now put some light soya sauce


Mix and eat. Tasty to the max! I have double.


After all the gorgeous main course, we were served the special dessert in the house. This is not available for walk in customers. You have to prebook it in advance then only you will get it. The special dessert is called “MA LAI KOH”.


Steamed fluffy MA LAI KOH


According to Hugo Leong, there’s a saying people would expect MA LAI KOH is origin from Malaysia. But it is not. This MA LAI KOH is slightly different with the one we have in Malaysia. It is steamed on several layers and there are custard in between. The one we had in Malaysia is made with brown sugar. I love this more than the brown sugar version.


Lastly we flush down everything with a bowl of nice sweet dessert. White beans, yam and sweet potato soup.


After the meal, we rushed into Shenzhen with tour bus to spend our night there. The hotel rate at Shenzhen are cheaper and more spacious compared to the one in Hong Kong. The first hotel which we will stay for our tour is the Century Kingdom Hotel. It is a 5 stars business hotel located at outer Shenzhen city. We were treated as VIPs upon arriving the hotel with Hugo Leong who are joining us in this gourmet tour trip. One thing is that the hotel which we stay, were slightly located outside the town. You can have a very quite sleep as there are not much traffic here.



The glass dragon sculpture located in front of the lift lobby


The room which I stay in is a twin sharing room. It comes with 2 super single bed and 2 comfortable pillows. 1 soft and 1 hard. All the rooms also were equipped with high speed broadband. I am getting a 10MB connection here! If only I can have this at home.


Come with a 32″ LCD TV with satellite TV connection


This is the end of day one. Good night …… Stay tune for Day 2 which we are heading to SHANTOU. It is also known as the origin of Teo Chew clans.

This tour is organized by Tour2U Holidays. There are another upcoming gourmet tour to China at first week of December 2010. They also provide easy payment scheme which you just need to pay RM500 per month (around RM5000 for the gourmet tour package) until December to secure your seat. When I went for the trip, there are more people who want to join in last minute but have to walk away disappointed as this is a very popular trip that it always fully booked. So if you want to avoid disappointment, make your reservation now by calling the tour leader Miss Anne Tan at 012-336 9337. I have made my reservation for it. How about you? This upcoming trip also will have Hugo Leong to lead us to all these gorgeous foods. Bear in mind that you paying a hefty amount of money to taste the traditional foods and not the luxurious sharks fin or abalones.

Hugo Leong with Miss Anne Tan (Tour Leader cum owner of Tour2U Holidays Sdn Bhd)

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