Dine With Gourmet Celebrity Hugo Leong

Stir Fried Sambal Belacan 4 Kings [Petai, Ladies Finger, Kacang Botol and Green beans]

Mongolian Pork Knuckle

The pork knuckle look almost like our normal ones. The difference is at the sauce part where it look like our satay sauce but with added chinese tea in it. It make your pork knuckle taste not that oily when eaten with it.

Fried Bee Hoon With Fresh Water Prawns and Garoupa Fish Fillet

Whatever served on our table, were served the same to all the one who join in the tour. This is truly a great experience to taste the food as what foodies/gourmet specialist had. From what I know, there are  a tour agency with the name of TOUR2U which famous for arranging GOURMET TOURS. Means you pay fly to over sea or local to eat. What special about them is, Hugo Leong will be your host. As a foodie, I wish I can get more experience from such a reputable celebrity on how they express their thoughts when tasting a particular dish.

From Anne’s conversation, she said she going to have a gourmet tour on upcoming 4th March 2010 and I already sign up for it. It will be an all inclusive package where you going to eat 5 days 4 nights in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and a few parts of China. Flight tickets, luxurious hotel and foods are all paid. One day eat 3 rounds at least. You don’t need to come out a single cent after you pay an amount below RM5K. The exact amount is not confirmed yet but I definitely sign up for it and reserve my seat. The seat are rather limited. There are video and pictures of the tour which they playback during the dinner for their Taiwan trip. Now I can’t wait for my turn.

To join me and Hugo Leong to eat together, you can checkout www.tour2u.com.my

More pictures of the night …..

Ken, Hugo, Tam and Anne From Tour2U

Anne, Reporter From Guang Ming Daily and Hugo

Stay tune! More to come on the menu of the tour …….. Will update once I got it with me.


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