Dine With Gourmet Celebrity Hugo Leong

I didn’t get the chance to snap the picture of the fish due to the captain immediately split it for us upon served next to our table. From what I heard from Anne, she said the fish can cost up to RM600 per kilo depending where it is caught. This fish is origin from Sarawak where the clean water flows at upper Sungai Rejang. The fish meat texture is almost like Soon Hock where it melts in your mouth. More details about the fish, google it.


Our next dish was a XO Sauce Fish Roll. It is made from fresh SAI TOU fish which famous for its bouncy texture and stir fried with bamboo shoot.

Every piece are coated with XO sauce that consist of dried shrimp


Our next dish also quite a big surprise for us. We will never thought of putting cheese while making the tofu. The chef create this special dish for the night and everyone finish it in a jiffy. It taste really good with a slight taste of milky cheese and the bean curd quite firm.

Topped with onion and Thai Chili Sauce

Golden brownish with a bit of sesame seeds on top

Braised “CHOK SI KAI” in Cantonese

The meat taste like kampung chicken but more juicy

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