Dine With Gourmet Celebrity Hugo Leong

This 2010 year have been a good one for me. There are plenty of surprises and good stuffs happen to me right from the beginning of the year where I get loads of food invitations. One of it was an invitation to dine with Hugo Leong (Famous Restaurateur, TV Personality and Renowned chef).

Hugo Leong

Hugo, Ken and Hugo’s Wife

He was in town with a group of tourist from Hong Kong that came to Malaysia just for our food. There you see! Even Hong Kong Food God say our food is nice. He brought 80 persons in 3 tour buses to Empurau Fish Restaurant at Kuchai Lama where they get the chance to try the famous and most sought after fresh water fish.

Banner welcoming Hugo

Packed with tourist

As usual when celebrity is in place, the press sure there.


Steadily answering all reporters questions without any problem