Xmas Eve International Feast At Prince Hotel & Residence KL 2009

To usher the upcoming Xmas eve 2009, Prince Hotel & Residence KL group of chefs come out with a surprise for all their restaurants. Normally, there would be a turkey on the table for the eve dinner where the whole family dine together. All the chefs here did a brilliant idea to introduce more fun to celebrate Xmas 2009 eve till the New Year. There are 3 types of cuisine which you can choose from where we start off with the traditional western way. Buffet tables at Eccucino!


Fresh Prawns

Sashimi at the foot of cool ice sculpture


Ginger Bread House

Fresh Oysters


There are more things which I can’t show all of them here like roast turkey, risottos, soups, beef straganoff and many more. Check them out for Xmas eve and Xmas day dinner.

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