The Uma, Authentic Balinese Food at The Strand Kota Damansara

According to Yau Chan, an extravagant feast of Balinese food is served only during temple ceremony of birth, wedding or other religious celebrations in Bali.

Day to day meals were simple where rice and vegetables as staple. A modest piece of meat or fish were added to spice up the meal. Normally the dishes were cooked and left on the table. Family members just help themselves with the food whenever they want. So eating a cold meal is considered a norm at Bali. But rest assure, the food served to us are warm.

The rice and vege are called NASI CAMPUR (mix rice) is the traditional way of serving be it at home, ceremony, temple or festival. All the foods were mixed together and best eaten by hand. I have tried the food here since their soft opening and all I can say it taste perfect if eaten by hand. Before that make sure you wash your hand real clean before start off your meal.


Their menu were simple and clear cut. There are loads of set for you to choose from. Each were tailored to match each other between the condiments. Checkout the dishes below on how does a traditional home cook Balinese Food look like.

We start it off with ASSAM PORK SATAY which looks like our ordinary satay but it is made out of pork and doesn’t have the normal peanut curry sauce.


Crispy barbecued pork meat in a distinctive Balinese Assam marinate which only available during temple ceremony . I am not a lover for spare parts. But somehow all these satay taste so good that I don’t taste the pork liver in it.

Be Siap Memanggang – Grilled Chicken With Beans Rice Set RM18


1/2 a bird grilled to perfection

Grilled Chicken Set With Yellow Rice

Grilled half chicken in Balinese spice, water spinach salad, Balinese mixed vegetable salad, spicy home made potato fries, choice of beans rice/yellow rice accompany with sambal matah/sambal tomat / sambal embok. All the foods were served on a basket and banana leaf which make it convenient to be eaten with hand. My personal favorite sambal embok, really spice up my meal as the fragrance from the fried mixture of onions, chili and garlic.

Sambal embok

Besides eating it with hand, the rightful way to eat it according to Balinese culture is to mix the rice with the vege before putting it into your mouth. In this round, I didn’t do so cause wanna shoot photo. I don’t want my camera smell like chicken after that.

Lempet Be Tongkong [Grilled Tuna in banana leaf] – RM20

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