The Uma, Authentic Balinese Food at The Strand Kota Damansara

When we walk into Thai restaurant, we were greeted SAWADEEKAP! …  SWASTI ASTU! is what you going to be greeted when you walk into an Indonesian restaurant.Recently I was invited for an official full fledged opening for Balinese restaurant called The Uma, at The Strand Kota Damansara. The Uma means padi field in Balinese language make the name sounds simple and easy to remember.


This restaurant contain 2 floors setup where the ground floor were decorated with authentic teak woods furniture imported all the way from Bali.

[ Ground – Floor ] Cozy Setup for all the dining table

Pig are allowed in the restaurant but not dogs ….. XD ….. Just joking …. the sign means non halal

[ 2nd Floor ] – Tatami seating with the authentic feel of dining at Bali


Ganesh ( The elephant like son of Shiva and Durga) looking over the wallpaper which showing Ubud in Bali. The wallpaper is actually a panorama photo taken by Yau Chan (Owner cum head chef). He was previously work in food related industry Indonesia for few years. Then quit his job to venture into cooking authentic Balinese food due to his high interest in Balinese cuisine. With the help of his friends who are local Balinese people, he follow and cook the same way as in normal household way without changing the cooking method, spices and recipes.


Yau Chan

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