Japin Ramen at Sungai Wang

I wonder when we go to Sungai Wang, what food will go for? Fast food? or the long stretch choices of mix rice at the top floor food court. I would not go for all those cause basically you can get all that everywhere. Recently Parkson wing is being renovated. The whole floor become brighter and livelier. Besides that, the whole ground floor where Starbucks, Subway and some other restaurants were grouped together on the same floor. 2 weeks back while we went shopping with Big Boys Oven and Wilson couple, we spotted a restaurant with a cute logo.


See how cute is the logo

Authentic Japanese Fortune Cat

Cute Sign Board

Clean and cozy setup

The menu also nicely designed

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23 thoughts on “Japin Ramen at Sungai Wang

    1. email2me Post author

      This is the authentic fortune cat from Japan which need to “HOI KONG” in temple. I wanna get one too but not available in KL. The boss got it from Japan.

  1. celine

    i try not to visit your blog too much. somehow you have this ability to make me get-up, grab my hubby and visit the place immediately after reading your review. must be your amazing shots and down-to-earth write up.

    ting’s cafe – gone there three consecutive days.
    pizza hut – had cheesy bites twice (the last time i went to pizza hut was probably 15 years ago, oopsss… just revealed my age)

    keep up the awesome job, ken ……


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