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Green Curry Chicken – RM7.80

Seafood Tom Yam Soup

A Thai style dining won’t be complete without a bowl of spicy tom yam soup. The Thai tomyam soup here were cooked from a home made tom yam paste made from scratch. I don’t taste the ready made tom yam soup paste flavor in the soup. I am quite a picky fella when coming to taste a good bowl of tom yam soup as my previous job requires me travel to Thailand pretty frequently. I was eatingĀ  Tom Yam soup everyday there for 2 months. Here at Thai Pan Delight, their tom yam soup is good! Authentically home cook style. Just the same like my ex colleague’s wife cooking.

Thai Basil Leaf Chicken – RM7.80

Pork Omellete – RM8


Stir Fried Kangkung With Belacan – RM7.50

Sweet and Sour Fish – RM8.50


I don’t know what fish is this but it certainly taste good. The fish were deep fried until crispy and then a Thai style sweet and sour sauce were laden on top. We clear this plate of fish in a jiffy when served. The sauce taste great with white rice. Yummy!

Belacan Fried Rice – RM7.80 RECOMMENDED!

I didn’t expect to get a good plate of Belacan Fried rice in Klang valley. The correct way to eat a plate of belacan fried rice is to mix all the side condiments with the fried rice before eat. Give is a try and you will love it! I will be back for this again! Just miss the fried rice so much.

Pineapple Fried Rice – RM7.80

Although there are no fancy pineapple case to serve the pineapple fried rice, this is one of the best so far in Klang valley. Every bits of the rice have a strong spice and pineapple aroma in it.

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