CLOSED : Thai Pan Delights at Kuchai Lama Entrepreneur Park

I am always a big fan for spicy and sour food especially Thai Food to be more precise. In Klang Valley, good and cheap Thai food is not easy to get. But after visit this restaurant, it change the whole perception of cheap thing no good and good thing no cheap.

Located on the same row with Jojo Pan mee, there’s a Thai restaurant which looks like an ordinary restaurant that sell Thai hawker and home cook food known as Thai Pan Delights


Simple setup and cozy environment

Feels like dining at home

This place is always packed during rush hours for lunch and dinner. The menu is quite extensive and what ever Thai hawker food or common dishes are available here. Most of the dishes cost below RM10 which makes it affordable and widely accepted for the peoples who work and stay around the area. Let us not waste time and dig in the dishes which I have tested and share the nice food here (Picture only …….. :P).


Pomelo Salad – RM6 – Strongly Recommended!

Normally when we visit Thai restaurant, without fail we will order the mango or papaya salad. Here in Thai Pan Delights, I saw this salad and it sounds special. The pomelo flesh were mix with prawns and other condiments result in a tangy and spicy salad to start our dinner. It is very refreshing and taste real good.

Thai Fish Cakes – RM8.50 for 6 pcs

The Thai fish cake taste like any other Thai restaurant’s fish cake but the sauce were slightly different. It has garlic and crushed peanut mixed in which makes it slightly special. It goes along very well with the fish cakes.

Main Course

Pandan Chicken – RM8.50 for 6 pcs


Thai Pandan chicken is one of my fav which I usually order when dining in Thai restaurant. The juicy chicken marinated with a lot spices and then wrapped into a pandan leave. Deep fried to perfection and served piping hot makes it good to be eaten with white rice or as snack.

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