Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2009 with Tai Zi Heen “A Hong Kong Encounter”

The award winning Tai Zi Heen (Prince Hotel and Residence)  Chinese restaurant is once again proud to be part of Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2009.




Tai Zi Heen will be presenting “A Hong Kong Encounter” at this year Malaysia International Gourmet Festival featuring Chinese Master Chef Ricky Thein Yiew Ming’s signature Cantonese cuisine dishes. Chef Ricky Thein is no stranger to the connoisseurs of Chinese cuisine in Malaysia and Singapore, having established himself in both countries. Wielding the wok with panache, he has created new dishes and his specialties in Cantonese and Szechuan dishes are extremely popular.

Chinese Master Chef Ricky Thein

To flourish “A Hong Kong Encounter” theme, Pernod Ricard Malaysia has introduced one of its fine wine selections of Jacob’s Creek Reserve to accompany Chef Ricky Thein’s signature festive menu, whilst the award winning Carven Ong has especially designed and created the “Oriental Flower” couture series to be showcased by leggy models from DIVA Production. Bringing the fine art of fashion, food and wine together in creating a vogue celebration at Tai Zi Heen!

Carven Ong

Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz Vintage 2006

Jacob’s Creek Reserve Riesling Vintage 2007

Nice dress to accompany the MIGF 2009 theme

Coming into more specific part where we going to start of with the fashion part.